L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation N3 Nude Vanilla Review

Hello sprinkles of chocolate rice!

This is my first drugstore foundation ever! haha.

Christmas is around the corner and sales are everywhere!!! Yesterday i went to Watsons and i was confused whether i should buy the Za True White Liquid Foundation or the L'oreal True Match Foundation.

Some blogger claim Za is the dupe for Nars Sheer Glow Foundation but of course,the L'oreal one is one of the most beloved foundation in the beauty galaxy.In the end i purchased the True Match.

BH Cosmetics That's Heart Palette Review

Hello bubblegums!

I've had this palette for a few months and honestly,i didn't know why i keep on postponing this review.But finally,its here people!

That's Heart is a beauty guru from Youtube and she teamed up with BH cosmetics to create this pretty in pink makeup palette.The packaging is of course,very adorable and girlish with the heart shape and lacey decoration.

But what about the product itself?

Confession Of A Beauty-holic ; Base Makeup

Hello unicorns!

This is yet another post unlike the usual.I wanted to share with you guys my current base makeup collection.Mostly the one that i love the most.I have sold most of my base makeup especially CC creams.They are simply below the par in terms of coverage and longevity.Sad but i think i'll stick with BB creams and BB cushions for now.

So,currently i have 6 BB creams/foundation plus the Face Conditioning Cream (base) and 4 BB cushions.Lets get right into it!

✿ Essence Cosmetics Soft Touch Mousse Foundation 04 Matte Ivory Review ✿

Hello sunshine!

This has been in my makeup stash for a few months.My local Watsons store put up a section for Essence Cosmetics and the tester was still fresh and new as ever.I tried it on the back of my hand and i am very fond of the textures and finish it gives.I think this brand is from UK and they carry a whole range of other products such as mascaras,eyeliners,eyeshadow palettes,etc.

The price is ah-may-zing for the amount of product your get.Its somewhere between 20-25 MYR (5-7 $) depending on your local stores.

☁ 15 Concealer Palette Review ☁

Hello strawberries!

I have finally got this concealer palette which i've been eyeing on for a loooooong time.This is darn cheap in ebay (3-4 $) but since i don't have paypal,i have to find this locally.There's plenty of online shop selling this palette with different price tag.But most of it in the range of 20-35 MYR.I got mine for 25 MYR with free postage.

I've read countless reviews on this concealer,even watched demo's video in Youtube.Almost everyone of them recommend this palette because of the creamy texture and good coverage.Not to mention the super cheap price.

But what's my take on this palette?

✿ NYX Dark Circle Concealer 01 Fair Review ✿

Hello cupcakes!

I picked up this baby during my last food hunting trip to Penang.It was sold at Sephora Queensbay Mall for 30 MYR if im not mistaken.I tried using the tester on my very own dark circles (ain't got time to wear makeup when you're traveling) and i was surprised on how well it matches my skintone. So i bought this and i've been using it ever since!

This is different than the Concealer In A Jar.That concealer is more to covering blemishes and redness on the skin.While this one is exclusive for the under eye area since it contained coconut oil,china clay and orange pigment.

✿ AOA Jimin Makeup Inpired Look ✿

Hello everyone!

After doing a collab in my previous post,i become interested in doing a K-POP makeup look.It was so much fun exploring and utilizing the skills i've learnt through watching so many youtube videos and tutorials. :D

Since AOA is a new emerging KPOP influencer,i began looking through in google image for inspiration on my next entry.I was particularly interested with Jimin because she has unique facial feature that enable me to detect her right away without having to skim through the group picture.

It doesn't exactly look the same because i dont have a lipstick/tint's shade that she wore in the Short Hair MV.I did tried my best to recreate the whole makeup minus the lipstick =3=

❤ Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit W24 Honey Beige Review ❤

Hello strawberries!

This BB cream is one of Etude House's newest addition to their Precious Mineral line.Supposedly this BB cream is the improved version of the Bright Fit BB cream i reviewed here.I've heard so many bloggers praising this BB cream due to its texture and the radiant glow it gives.

For some reason,this BB is more expensive than its sisters (Bright Fit and Cotton Fit).Its retail price is 99.90 MYR = 100 MYR O.O So i bought this from Carousell for only 30 MYR (preloved)

✿ [Collab] 2NE1 CL Signature Look ✿


 This is a collaboration i've done with Rafidah,a fellow beauty blogger from the same hometown as me. :) This entry is has been delayed for almost 3 weeks since i was busy with assignments and tests.So now here we are!

We did not specify any criterias for the collab but we did agree on doing 2NE1's makeup look.Thus i choose to do CL signature look ; thick and bold eyeliners with nude pink lips.Furthermore,i have a natural beauty spot under my right lips just like her :D

♢ Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara Review ♢

Hello muffins!

I win this mascara from the giveaway conducted by the Bourjois Malaysia in Facebook.It was recently launched in Malaysia and im very excited to have this in my collection.Long story short,i participated in the giveaway and am actually among the five lucky winners :)

♥ Fall 2014 Wishlist ♥

Hello everyone!

This is going be a little different than my usual posts.Being a full time student,i cannot help but to live within a specific budget.I could not simply spend my cash so i developed this wishlist to keep track on what i wanted in hope that one day i'll be able to purchase them :')

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation (RM49)
This is said to be the dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.I've heard so many positive review on this product.Its light weight,it blends into the skin beautifully and has a natural finish.Sadly its not available in Malaysia so i have to purchase it online.

Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream (RM54)
This is another light weight  and less dewy version from the Precious Mineral line.I tried this at the back of my hand and im very pleased with the coverage and i like the fact that it has this fresh scent that is not too chemical-ish

NYX Eyebrow Gel (RM32)
Ok i simply want this because of its resemblance to the infamous MUFE eyebrow gel with a much much lower price tag.Of course the performance is slightly different but i figure this is a good item for me to start practice using a liquified eyebrow product.

Benefit Posietint (RM115)
I was blown away by its color payoff.The bubblegum pink is just the prettiest pink i've ever encountered in my whole life.Its also drink-food proof *tried the tint at the shop then went eating* but its price is just soooo ridiculous >.< 

Typo 2015 Planner (RM39/59)
I went to Typo yesterday and i saw a section full with fancy 2015 planner.I was immediately hooked by the design,especially its cover page but when i look at the price tag... T__T i put the planner back to the rack.I am a planner person,i have to list everything in between otherwise i will get lost and no jobs would be done by the end of the day.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer (RM30)
Another product raved by Youtube gurus.This is a high coverage concealer which blend effortlessly and does not get cakey.It is also very affordable and im just dying to try this concealer!

So that's it!
Most of the price stated is online price as they're not readily available in Malaysia.
Thanks for reading!


❤ 6 Contour and Blush Palette Review ❤

Good day readers!

I read tons of review for this palette.Though it was sold by different company at different price,its essentially came from the same manufacturer in China.One of the popular seller in US is Coastal Scents but its also available in Ebay for a much much cheaper price.

I bought this palette because of the praise given by the beauty bloggers and makeup gurus in Youtube.Plus its so handy and convenient,it saves space on my vanity rack due to its slim size.

∆ Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation 53 Light Beige Review ∆

Hello muffins!

This is another beauty product that a lot of beauty bloggers swore by.Serum foundation has becoming the in-trend icon nowadays.From high end to the drugstore brands,lots of them are selling their own version of the serum foundation.

Supposedly this foundation is infused with skincare properties and sometimes do contain healing properties as well which actually sounds like CC cream.The only difference is that serum foundation do come in a range of shades with no color change property as well.

The question is does this particular foundation really worth the hype??

✿ Innisfree Water Glow Cushion 21 Natural Beige Review ✿

Hello rainbows!

As promised,i present you the Water Glow Cushion review from Innisfree! *Yet another BB cushion review* XP

Supposedly there are two version of this BB cushion ; Long Wear Cushion (Matte) and Water Glow Cushion (Dewy).Logically,my skin is oily so i should've buy the matte version but the i picked up the dewy version just to review and see whether its wearable for the oily skin team.

☁ October 2014 Collective Haul ☁

Hello muffins!

I have bought some of the most popular products or at least raved by bloggers in the blogosphere.I was a bit out of date in getting my hand on them because i was on a tight budget before. T___T 

Luckily,I have Carousell as my saviour. :) All of them was a lot cheaper than the retail price,even cheaper than the online price. But here's the catch,its cheap because its preloved or somewhat has a little damage on them. In my case,all of it were relatively new except the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which nevertheless in uber good condition.

ஃ Aritaum Honey Melting Tint 03 Strawberry Chips Review ஃ


I've been eyeing on this Honey Tint along with the Wannabe Cushion Tint.I finally bought it from a fellow Carouseller with an affordable price plus its brand new! Of course,i will play on the safe side by choosing a pink shade :P

☁ Peripera Cushion Lips PK005 Bubble Love Review ☁

Hello earthlings!

I went on a hiatus due to a few personal reasons and i am really sorry for my dear readers (╥﹏╥) But i am back now and i'll be reviewing lots of stuffs soon! 

A few months ago i posted an entry about this cushion lips from Peripera HERE.Amazingly,Peripera products are available at your selected Watsons store which is how i got my hand on one of this cushion tint *im a lip product addict*

✿ The Faceshop Aura Color Control CC Cream 03 Medium Beige Review ✿

Hi bubblegums!

I had this CC cream for months and i've always forgotten to do a review simply because this product has become so famous and mainstream due to its performance.Albeit,i will still do a short and straight forward review on this over rated CC cream XD Also,i did a review on its younger sister the Aqua Color Control here

Price - 119.90 MYR (Retail) - 70-80 MYR (online)

❤ NYX HD Eyeshadow Base Review (FOTD) ❤

Hello sunshine!

This is the only eyeshadow base i have at the moment.I picked it up at Sephora KLCC long ago but never thought of writing a review until it occured to me,this thing worth an entry :D

I know NYX released the HD collection a while ago ranging from foundation to loose powder.This eyeshadow base is one of 'em.

Fashion : Which New Season Shoe Are You?

Hello sunshine!

I've always love sneakers and flip flops.Its very comfortable and convenient if i had to rush.Sometimes i do fancy the high end heels for special occasion but i just dont know which one to pick because they are just so many types and designs to choose from!

With this,i want to share with you an infographic made by neomam.com that is meant for you to find the best shoes for you.Just follow the arrow and it will lead to your best shoe match ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

Neomam studio is an infographic design agency that believes in the power of visual animation.Fun infographic never cease to entertain me :D

I got Celine Mules.What's yours? ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°

Ω Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum Matte Base and Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Review Ω


I've been so uninspired for the past 2-3 days.

I picked up the makeup base during my visit to Bourjois counter at Sunway Pyramid.I was hesitating on whether to buy their best seller,healthy mix foundation or their under rated like this makeup base.Of course you know which one i chose but i kind of regret not buying the foundation. :/

Meanwhile i bught the fancy Delice de Poudre (how do you pronounce this?) bronzing powder from Carousell.Pre loved item and its in shade 52.fyi,i bought this for only 7 MYR Yasssssss!

∆ MUA Bronzer Review ∆

Hello unicorns!

I've been hunting for a nice bronzer recently because im so into contouring these days.I never get the impact of what a bronzer can give to my overall complexion.Besides Asian tend to skip bronzer because they prefer that porcelain doll look instead of a sun kissed look which the Western babes love so much.

Long story short,i bought this bronzer to practice my contouring skill. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

♥ Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini (Pop Color) Review ♥

Assalamualaikum and hello bubblegums!

I have been eyeing Clio ever since Sandara Park become its ambassador.But sometimes i find their price range is a little bit over my budget so i always skip this brand.Their eyeliners were claimed as Korea's No. 1 eyeliners and we're about to find the truth today ✌(◕‿-)✌

I bought this from Carousell for only 25 MYR (retail price 75 MYR).Its a pre loved item but still in very good condition and authentic.

If you're interested,do visit my Carousell page.You can also install the apps from play store - Carousell

☁ NYX Blush PB05 Review ☁

Hello everyone!

I've been into Western beauty stuff lately and im currently obsessed over NYX. Their lip cream is simply the best!

I picked up a few of their highly raved items like this blush,the jumbo eye pencil,eyeshadow base,the concealer in a jar, and of course the majestic lip cream.

Nature Republic By Flower BB Cream Review

Hola readers!

I bought this BB cream together with the pore BB cream that i've bought HERE.

To be honest i wasn't planning to buy this BB cream but i grabbed it anyway since the price was darn cheap.It was in the 30++ MYR range despite its 35ml volume so thumbs up for this budget friendly item!

Nature Republic Botanical Pore BB Cream 21 Bright Skin Review

Hello bubblegums!
Happy Ramadhan to my fellow Muslim readers :)

My apology for the silent mode,i've been busy with assignments and final exam. I cant believe my second year has already come to an end,im getting older peeps! O.O 

Anyway,i bought a bunch of beauty related products before i went home for the sake of updating this blog so stay tune ok!

This is my first try with Nature Republic product.Their aloe gel is loved by many but im just not into it.When i saw this BB was sold at 30% off,i immediately grab it LOL.

♥ The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX I Make You Pretty Blusher 08 Orange Syrup Review ♥

I bought this blusher during The Faceshop super sale in conjuction with grand opening of Nu Sentral last month.I picked this shade because i dont have any decent orange blusher in my vanity collection.

❤ 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream Review ❤

Hello unicorns!

Recently,i've been trying this BB cream from 3CE.You might already know that 3CE is a brand owned by stylenanda.Their cosmetics were overpriced (personal opinion k.) which is the sole reason why i have not tried this brand until now.

However,a seller from Carousell sold her pre-loved BB cream for a reasonable price and i couldn't resist the temptation to buy it :P 

[Update] Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Hello everyone!

I lost my motivation to blog T___T Nevertheless,my passion for beauty never fade and i've been buying a few items this month hihihi.

I bought this powder on Carousell for a very very cheap price (and authentic)! This powder is highly raved by lots of beauty blogger and now i finally own one. Im a happy camper!

✿ March 2014 Collective Haul ✿

Hello girls (and guys)!

Oh how fast time flies,its already April! :O and its April Fool!! did someone pranked you LOL.

Anyway,i bought lots of beauty products last month and coincidentally,i had such a busy ass at the same time hence why there's only few posts last month :( But,im free now and my mid semester break is coming so guess i'll be doing tons of reviews then =3=

△ Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 004 Nude Review △

Hello everyone!

Last week i went to Midvalley and i was lucky because AEON Big was doing a small warehouse kind of sale which include Silkygirl and Revlon.This particular foundation i bought was sold at RM30 ($9.20) which is a great deal to me. :D I also bought a brown gel liner from the same brand for only RM10 ($3.07)

Actually,this is my first drugstore foundation yeay!

❤ Blog Sale Part 1 ❤

Hello everyone!

Recently i did a spring cleaning on my makeup collection and i have tons of products that i hardly touch once bought yikes.So i decided to do a blog sale for the sake of getting rid of these unused products.
  1. Only available to Malaysian (sorry,i am not an expert with international shipping)
  2. First come first serve basis.
  3. Reservation only last for 24hours
  4. Price stated is fixed and non-negotiable.
  5. Strictly no refunds,no exchanges and no returns *google reviews please*
  6. Postage fee is RM 6 (West Malaysia) and RM10 (East Malaysia)
  7. I will use Poslaju only since its faster and reliable
  8. I will only post your item once payment has been made.No money,no talk LOL.
  9. Postage will be done every Monday,Thursday and Friday.
  10. For more infos/details of any particular item please Whatsapp me 0148532434

The Faceshop Aqua CC cream in #2 Natural Beige RM45 - used no more than 5x,for hygienic reason sponge will not be included
Etude House Cleansing Serum RM10 - used less than 5x
Tony Moly Aqua Aura Water Bomb Sleeping Pack RM40 - used less than 5x
Etude House Im Blooming Brightening Mist RM35 - 65% left
Banila Co. CC cream RM45 - used less than 10x

Etude House Baby Choux Base (Mint/Green) RM30 - 70% left
The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Powder Pact RM10 - There is minor defect as seen on picture and no sponge will be provided for hygienic reason

Etude House Lipstick
From left - Color Lips-talk RD303 RM25 (used less than 5x)
Sweet Recipe Jelly Lips-talk JPK003 RM15 (50% left)
 Color Lips-fit PK002 RM30 (used less than 5x)
 Color Pop Lips-talk OR214 RM25  (used less than 5x)
Color Lips-talk RM10 BE103  (bullet is dented/unstable hence why i sell it at much lower price)

Swatches (forgot to swatch lips-fit sorry!)

From left - BE103,RD303,OR214,JPK003

Etude House Candy Stick #1 RM10 - used less than 10x
Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint #2 Neon Pink RM10 - 45% left,notice the dried black eyeliner on it.
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #040 Rendezvous RM25 - used less than 5x

VOV Showcase Stick Shadow #White Mousse RM15 - used less than 5x
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (Black Bean) RM10 - The lid has cracked and smudged,used less than 5x
Missha Dual Eye Tip GL01 RM10 - used less than 5x
Etude House Styling Eyeliner (White) RM10 - used less than 10x

Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Concealer #1 Ivory RM15 - used less than 5x
Za Perfect Fit Concealer #2 Medium RM15 (brand new)
VOV Face Clear Concealer #21 Light Beige RM15 - used less than 5x
Avon Luminous Concealer Stick F101 Almond RM10 - used less than 5x

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara RM10 - used less than 5x
Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake #4 RM25 - used less than 5x
Etude house Real Art Cleansing Oil (Fresh) Deluxe Size RM5 - used once

Tony Moly Latte Art Milk-Cacap Pore Pack RM15 - 40% left (spatula included)

Etude House Cupcake All Over Color RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake,OR202 Peach Sugar Cake,OR201Orange Choux Cake (Each RM30) - used less than 10x
Maybelline Color Tattoos #10 Fierce and Tangy RM10 - used less than 5x

Happy shopping everyone!

Review - Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in #02 Aqua Neutral

Hello cupcakes!

I dont feel like sleeping yet so im back with another BB cream review! This particular BB cream is recently one of my favourite BB cream besides the Innisfree BB cushion.Its an old yet renewed product from Holika holika.

∆ IPhone Gold 5S ∆

hello people!

The hype over iPhone is unbelievably crazeh.I was never the gadget trend follower but seeing my friends using this sleek metal gadget sometimes make me envious LOL.Its the holy grail of all smartphones!

Honestly,I wanted the iPhone for its awesome back and front camera.The pictures are so HD i almost cried hiks.

I have a soft spot for photography but damn im bad at it.I dont have the talent plus a DSLR is too tedious too work with,not to mention that its heavy and dull (its black overall ehem).So i simply take normal ordinary selfies photos of things that amused me minus the need to make it look like a masterpiece.

Another thing i truly dislike is using filters.Its a different story with selfies but when i take pictures of ordinary things,i want it to be as original as possible.I feel like adding filters doesn't deliver the true intention i wish to convey.

So i was browsing mobile phone on ipmart and i discovered the iPhone Gold 5S they were selling.Boy i wanted this baby so bad.The free shipping,order tracker and cash on delivery service are really tempting because it provide some sort of reassurance to me that this shop is a real deal,not a hoax.


Im not attracted to the fancy softwares and so forth,not really a fan of 'em.I wanted the iPhone solely for its camera and its ability to connect to the internet LOL.Peculiar much?

Anyway,IPmart also provide a variety of payment method which im pleased with because honestly,i prefer money transfer compared to some credit card or paypal procedures.

So im glad to share this discount code with you guys for you to shop at IPmart! 

This voucher is valid until 31st of March and it has an unlimited usage! What a great news isn't it? :D

Visit IPmart now - http://www.ipmart.com.my/

☂ Innisfree Smart Foundation Collection ☂

Hello everyone!

Today,i come across this new foundation by Innisfree when i was watching Pony's makeup tutorial.It is called the Smart Foundation.So i went to Innisfree official website to take a look at this new collection.

This collection include 4 different types of foundation with 3 available shades on each categories.There is also a product called Smart Makeup Blender which helps the foundation to blend easily especially for thick foundations.

The idea of this variety of foundation type is that our skin changes according to the season/weather,so some of us ended throwing away foundations since it doesn't match one's current skin condition.Thus,Innisfree came with this collection which claim to suits all type of skin condition.

Another interesting point is that these foundations come in a small 15ml tube.Since the season pass by quickly,Innisfree use a smaller volume to prevent wastage of product.I can relate to this reason since i never finish up even one tube of my BB cream,i always ended up selling them when i got bored of 'em.I mean i love a 50ml product since i get more content but to finish 5 tubes of 50ml BB cream is nearly impossible LOL.

The price is also very reasonable.Innisfree is selling this 6000 KRW = 19.00 MYR while Kpoptown is also selling this for ~19.90 MYR.So far,only kpoptown started selling this products.

Innisfree Smart Makeup Blender

Smart Foundation | Perfect Cover

Smart Foundation | Long Lasting

Smart Foundation | Super Moisture

source - KPOPTOWN

Im very interested with the long lasting foundation and the smart makeup blender :)

What about you?
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