BH Cosmetics That's Heart Palette Review

Hello bubblegums!

I've had this palette for a few months and honestly,i didn't know why i keep on postponing this review.But finally,its here people!

That's Heart is a beauty guru from Youtube and she teamed up with BH cosmetics to create this pretty in pink makeup palette.The packaging is of course,very adorable and girlish with the heart shape and lacey decoration.

But what about the product itself?

The palette comes in a magnetic flip over cover.The packaging is made of somewhat thick box material.

The inside is also not bad.The heart shaped mirror is quite big and very useful,reminds me of the The Balm Bon Jovi Palette. 

The first thing i notice is the bottom row of the eyeshadows.Honestly,the colours look so pretty on the pan.I like the fact that bold colours are also incorporated in the palette because sometimes,girls just wanna a pop of colour,am i right?hehehe.

It also have a shimmery bronze and highlighter and a baby pink blusher.

 With flash / without primer

Without flash / without primer

First off,this is not the most pigmented eyeshadows out there.It is possible to have a more vibrant finish by layering it up but that would waste so much product.This is where an eyeshadow primer comes at help.Using a primer will definitely boost the color intensity (tried it myself).I didn't experience any major fallout with this eyeshadow though it can be a bit powdery sometimes (solved by tapping the brush lightly to get rid of the excess).This baby lasts for a long time with primer,it doesn't budge at all.

Bronze - Highlighter - Blusher

With flash / without primer

Without flash / without primer

The bronze has a slightest gold glitters in it.The highlighter is not as strong as the Mary Lou-minizer but still has beautiful shimmers which is not too in-your-face glow.I love putting this on my tearducts area because sometimes i found that eyeshadows or white eyeliners can look too artificial.This highlighter highlights in a way only the shimmers are reflecting the light while the product itself almost look translucent.The blusher is very pigmented,just lovely. 

Overall,im liking this palette and i would recommend you to own this product.Though lack of matte choices,you still have a fairly good amount of neutrals and bold colours in the same palette.I personally love the highlighter and the pink shade in this palette.So pwetty!

Rate -

What is your favourite palette?

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Susan Dollparts said...

aww this palette looks so cute x3 and quite pigmentedtoo! I don´t really have a favourite palette because I seldomely use eyeshadow

dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

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