korean hair bun!

hi! :)

1st hair bun - the donut hairbun! (suitable for short and medium length hair)

finishing look ;

2nd hair bun - high bun! (suitable for all hair length)

3rd hair bun style - fishtail braid (suitable for medium to long hair)

P/S ; i love doing this at home! :)

(OUT OF TOPIC) 4th hair bun - lady gaga hairbow. ^^

super easy i tell you!

enjoy fellas,there's more in YT just search for 'korean hair bun' :)

tried and tested beauty remedy from Youtube - how to get rid of whiteheads/blackheads!

good afternoon bubbles! :3

yep,you read it correct.this CHEAP,EASY and EFFECTIVE remedy really works!

aku baru try buat tadi dan phewwwwwwwwwit,memang nampak la TERBUKA segala kekotoran dihidung dan bawah bibir.mula-mula waktu check testimonials orang lain ada yg cakap rasa pedas like fck,takut juga tapi TAKE RISKS la konon. :) alhamdulillah,pedas skit ada la kot tapi x la membunuh.anyhow,here's the video and i hope you try it!

you'll need ; BAKING SODA

jap jap,aku upload baking soda versi malaysia okeh.

nampak harganya??cuma 1.20 MYR. 

i believe thats all for today's entries.bye bye bubbles!

tried and tested beauty remedies from YOUTUBE!


i want to share some of the tips i found in YT.meet my beauty guru,*drum rolls*

been following her for a while. :) the best thing is that I TRIED DOING THIS ON MY FACE!so far no breakouts or skin irritation,plus the ingredients are also SUPER AVAILABLE in our country (MALAYSIA).she's asian,so do us.kekeke. * i tend to follow asian beauty gurus*

this tutorial is really simple.you only need OATMEAL!a small pack of Quacker oatmeal is really cheap right??

you'll need RICE FLOUR and HONEY. :) 

i done this before but due to the lack of consistency,i stopped.it really works!i applied it a few times a day (haha,mau result cepat kan) and ddudung!!!i surprised myself when my panda eyes reduced.

so far only these three i tried.im looking for DIY whitehead removal but i still havent found one that really EASY and WORKS.please wait for a while!

bye bye loves! xoxo.

ideas to decorate your bedroom


terasa malas mau practice hari ne uhuk uhuk. :) lepas ne mau tengok running man.

  • google gambar-gambar menarik,then print di kedai.lepas tu lekat kat dinding bilik.
mum put those whiteboard in my room since there's no more space anywhere else.so i make use of it.i found all the pictures from TUMBLR.posters were gotten from magazines and albums.

another example.smart sangat~
  • susun cantik-cantik collections (ANY COLLECTIONS,SERIOUSLY) dalam bilik,bukan mau ditapuk. :)
kasihan,nda da rak khas untuk album-album ne.guna meja belajar sahaja. :D add more spices on your collections.pikir laaa,mcm aku ne plain jak.
  • buat collage gambar kawan-kawan??
  • ada meja solek??haaaaaa,cuba buat macam ne.
tadaaaaaaa. :) me gusta YG FAMILY okeh.as usual everything was taken from TUMBLAH and FB.
  • untuk pintu bilik,ahaaa.boleh saja lekat nama kamu besar-besar tapi disebabkan aku ada extra poster aku lekat poster la. :) 
agak plain tapi asal ada.
  • paling famous,PASANG CHRISTMAS LIGHT atau orang sabah panggil lampu kelip-kelip. ^^
smart kan??cousin aku ada lekat carpet macam tu di dinding biliknya tapi its kind of towel.idk.
  • ni aku pun on the way buat.ambil majalah yg lama-lama sudah then pilih la phrases/slogan yg kamu minat then lekat di dinding bilik.
lawa kan?? :)


sources ; teenagebedroom

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