L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation N3 Nude Vanilla Review

Hello sprinkles of chocolate rice!

This is my first drugstore foundation ever! haha.

Christmas is around the corner and sales are everywhere!!! Yesterday i went to Watsons and i was confused whether i should buy the Za True White Liquid Foundation or the L'oreal True Match Foundation.

Some blogger claim Za is the dupe for Nars Sheer Glow Foundation but of course,the L'oreal one is one of the most beloved foundation in the beauty galaxy.In the end i purchased the True Match.

BH Cosmetics That's Heart Palette Review

Hello bubblegums!

I've had this palette for a few months and honestly,i didn't know why i keep on postponing this review.But finally,its here people!

That's Heart is a beauty guru from Youtube and she teamed up with BH cosmetics to create this pretty in pink makeup palette.The packaging is of course,very adorable and girlish with the heart shape and lacey decoration.

But what about the product itself?

Confession Of A Beauty-holic ; Base Makeup

Hello unicorns!

This is yet another post unlike the usual.I wanted to share with you guys my current base makeup collection.Mostly the one that i love the most.I have sold most of my base makeup especially CC creams.They are simply below the par in terms of coverage and longevity.Sad but i think i'll stick with BB creams and BB cushions for now.

So,currently i have 6 BB creams/foundation plus the Face Conditioning Cream (base) and 4 BB cushions.Lets get right into it!

✿ Essence Cosmetics Soft Touch Mousse Foundation 04 Matte Ivory Review ✿

Hello sunshine!

This has been in my makeup stash for a few months.My local Watsons store put up a section for Essence Cosmetics and the tester was still fresh and new as ever.I tried it on the back of my hand and i am very fond of the textures and finish it gives.I think this brand is from UK and they carry a whole range of other products such as mascaras,eyeliners,eyeshadow palettes,etc.

The price is ah-may-zing for the amount of product your get.Its somewhere between 20-25 MYR (5-7 $) depending on your local stores.

☁ 15 Concealer Palette Review ☁

Hello strawberries!

I have finally got this concealer palette which i've been eyeing on for a loooooong time.This is darn cheap in ebay (3-4 $) but since i don't have paypal,i have to find this locally.There's plenty of online shop selling this palette with different price tag.But most of it in the range of 20-35 MYR.I got mine for 25 MYR with free postage.

I've read countless reviews on this concealer,even watched demo's video in Youtube.Almost everyone of them recommend this palette because of the creamy texture and good coverage.Not to mention the super cheap price.

But what's my take on this palette?

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