Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | Deluxe Size

Hola peeps!

Recently, my local Sephora store was having a 20% off of all items in store and online. I took the opportunity to purchase a mascara kit from Benefit since it has a few of their famous mascaras like Bad Gal and They're Real.
Image taken from Benefit US official site

A large tube of the individual mascara costs around RM105 = $25.40 while the kit itself is RM144 = $34.90 after 20% off. Such a steal!

I'm looking for mascaras that could hold my curl and provide volume simultaneously. I've tried the deluxe size of They're Real mascara a couple of years ago and I remember being fond of it and ever since then, no mascaras can perform on par with it. 

This time, I've decided to try the Roller Lash instead since it has been raved by a lot of beauty gurus on Youtube. It's also the latest mascara released by Benefit. 

Normally, the usage recommendation period for mascaras are 6 months. This is the main reason why I've chosen to buy a set deluxe mascaras. It saves me some cash (Bear in mind, this is a high end mascara!) and it's travel friendly.

The mascara claim to "super curl and lift" the lashes.

I've seen quite a few AMAZING result of its performance on Youtube. It instantly thickened and lengthen the lashes as if the user is wearing false lashes (no kidding!)  

The wand has a banana shape to fit the curve of the eyes with rubber bristles. The wand is also flexible yet it didn't make the application difficult by wiggling here and there.

 Freshly applied 

5 hours later

On my first time using it, I noticed it has a wet formulation and clumpy af. My lashes stick together and I can clearly see lumps of mascaras dangling on it. It does give a nice volume by giving thickness at lashes roots. I had to use a spooly to separate my lashes and get rid of the lumps which is time consuming. 

The mascara is onyx black and it did emphasize my lashes and made it more noticeable than before. I love that it manage to hold my curls for the whole time I was wearing it. I have droopy eyes and stubborn lashes. My curls never stays and I always end up with a droopier eyes since my outer lashes tend to uncurl first. -____-

Sometimes I would find a faint smear on my lower outer eyes. It's not extreme but I did see color difference between that spot and the area surrounding it. However yesterday, I didn't see any smear. I'm guessing I didn't set my under eyes properly the other day.

Removal is easy. I use an oil based remover and it came off without tugging. I also didn't notice any strong scent. 

Overall, I'm in a love hate relationship with this mascara. I'm glad I've purchased the deluxe set instead of the full size product because now I have a good idea of its performance before committing to the full size one. 

Take care! XOXO 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer | Light

Hello everyone!

I've purchased this concealer some time ago. Back when it was a sensation within the beauty sphere in my country, this was sold for a staggering RM60++ = $14.70 (this is unavailable in Malaysia) . Ofc I won't buy it straight away. Once the hype died down, I finally found someone who sell this for only RM35 = $8.55

I was torn between two shades; light OR fair. Since I'm looking for a highlighting concealer, I decided to purchase light

The packaging is transparent and chubbier than the average concealer. It also has a sponge tip which cause a debate whether its hygienic to continuously use a sponge which could potentially be a host for bacteria and molds to grow since it's exposed to the open air.

Personally, I am fond of the sponge applicator. It feels soft and kind of soothe my under eyes, like a mini massage for that area haha. It also distribute the product evenly while maintaining a thin distribution. LOVE IT!

Light has pink undertone. Initially I thought it's my highlight shade. However when I use it alone, it blends nicely with my skin colour. It does highlight my face when I use a darker foundation. It has a super thin and weightless on the skin.

When I blend it out with a damp sponge, it blends effortlessly and it legit feels nothing on the skin. It does not cake up no matter how much I build it up. Despite its unsatisfactory coverage, I still use it on a daily basis because I like how it brightens my complexion.

It lasts for a good 7-8 hours without fading away but it does crease and need touch up after 3-4 hours.  

Using the concealer for my under eyes and the center of my face.

Overall, I'm liking this product! Will definitely repurchase it once I've used it up.

Take care! XOXO

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer

Hi y'all!

I've been gone for a week due to my assignments and tests. I'm back now with another review of a Korean brand; Innisfree. 

I assume this is the improved formula of the previous primer released under the name "No Sebum Mineral Primer." I've bought this since my Benefit Porefessional has almost finished. I realized I like thick, paste like primer more than the watery formulation simply because I have an extremely oily complexion and I think dry formulation suits me better. This retails for RM40 or 46 at my local Innisfree store. 

The primer claim to control sebum secretion, blurring the pores and comfortable on the skin. Simple packaging yet packed with information. The flexible plastic tube makes it easy for me to squeeze every single ounce out of it once it's almost empty.

The opening has a pointy tip to ensure control of product dispense. 

I am impressed at how much alike both primers look on the skin. They are extremely similar in term of appearance and texture. The only difference is that the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer has a herbal scent (typical Innisfree scent) while Benefit Porefessional has a fresh synthetic scent.

I squeezed out too much for the swatch and the blur primer is balling up when I blend it out. Hence, it's better to apply a small amount first and layer only where needed. Plus, this kind of primer works best when applied on areas with large pores or where you easily get oily.   

I can't see any difference between the Porefessional and Innisfree blur primer


Fresh applied 830AM

Lunch time 130PM

I get oily no matter how humid or dry my environment is. In this case, I was sitting in an air-conditioned room. The blur primer works wonderfully. It cover my pores and sits comfortably on the skin. It doesn't feel heavy and I didn't feel greasy at all. However I do get oily on my nose and cheeks after some time. 

This is a great primer for anyone on a budget or suffers enlarge pores (like me!). I'm delighted I've picked this up over the expensive ones at Sephora. Since Innisfree is a consumer friendly brand, their product also contain zero parabens.

I've posted a new video on my youtube channel. Feel free to watch it down below or visit my channel :)

Take care! XOXO

Easy Instagram / Tumblr Baddie Makeup

I was inspired to do my own version of "baddie" makeup after watching countless makeup tutorial on Youtube, 

I've tried to make it as easy as possible by using minimal number of eyeshadows.

Thanks for watching!!!

Colourpop Brow Colour | Black n Brown

Hello earthlings!


I have recently bought the Colourpop brow pomade from Carousell. I've been looking for a cheaper alternative of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. Luckily Colourpop released their own brows ranges not long ago at an affordable price.

This particular release sends a big hype and buzz around the beauty community since their previous launches are all hit,from the eye shadows to the ultra satin lips. The brows department is also one of the trickiest among all because it's difficult to please everyone with the formulation plus the "brow queen" title is still held by ABH.

This is my first time experimenting with  brow pomade so I honesty don't know what to expect. However, comparing it with my other brow products experience, my main expectations are for it to be long lasting and dark enough for my brows.

Colour - Black N Brown

Weight - 3.0 g / 0.11 oz

When I was watching unboxing videos of the brow colours, I noticed that some of them complaint about the lid being tightly sealed and they struggles to unscrew it. Mine is not the case, it's tight but easily unscrewed. 

The product looks creamy to touch and it has no scent whatsoever. I believe the packaging of it is similar to any of the brow pomades out there. 

On a first glance, the colour looks like a warm dark chocolate. It transfers a lot darker on the skin and I am quite happy about it. At least it didn't look too contrasting with my black brows. 

Freshly applied.
I was also testing the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer.

After 4-5 hours

For this brow colour, a little goes a long way. I dipped the brush 3 times into the product and it is more than enough to cover my entire brow (one brow). I blend out the excess product using a spooly brush and it evens out effortlessly. It also give me an enough time to adjust the pigment distribution before it dries to a matte finish. 

It's so creamy that a slight dip is enough to pick up a lot of product. It can be a good and bad thing depending on how you like your brows are. I have worn this for a full 12 hours and by the end of the day, it looks just the same as I first applied it. It didn't move or fade away even when I didn't set it with any powder. :O It can be removed easily with an oil based makeup remover.

Overall, I am digging it! It performs well and the price tag is affordable. I would definitely try the brow pencil soon. :)

Take care! XOXO

Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow | #1 Deep Brown

Hi y'all!

A while ago, Peripera has came out with several "ink" range including the well loved Ink Tint. Naturally I'm intrigued to try the Ink Brow because I heard the Ink Tint is truly budge proof. Contrary to the Peri's Ink Tint which features Mari Kim's graphics, the Ink Brow features an owl with bushy brows. 

The packaging design is A+. I love the color combination and the bottle looks fancy af. It comes a giant version of water drop bottle but it's quite different on the inside. I bought it for RM45.90 = $11.59 at Watsons.

The Ink Brow only come in two shades which is disappointing because #1 Dark Brown is not even close to my actual brow hair. I have a sparse but very dark brows so I tend to go for Grey Brown or Black Brown.

Thankfully dark brown is forgivable on my brows though it still look kinda awkward.

The applicator resemble of a nail polish's. It's too thick for my brows so I use an angled eyeliner brush instead. The dropper is not an actual functional dropper, it's just a holder. 

This ink brow is streaky af. When applied with the applicator, it is impossible to get an even distribution as seen from the big swatch. I tried using the angled brush but still, it's a streak mess. However it blends super easily but the pigmentation ends up lighter once it dries up. 

It dries up fast but enough for me to blend it out unlike my NYX brow gel which literally dry up in 5 seconds. It also tend to be patchy when I try to layer the product in an attempt to fill up the sparser area of my brow. 

I've worn this from morning to evening and it does not budge even when I was sweating under the scorching sun. Totally impressed! It can easily be removed with an oil based makeup remover.

Can you see the color difference of my brow with the ink brow? It looks weird so I sometimes fill up the outer corner with the NYX eyebrow cake powder to reduce the color contrast between my outer and inner brow hairs. 

Overall, I love this because it makes my brows routine become faster and its longevity. I was especially disappointed with the shade selection and its streakiness. I've been using this continuously ever since I've bought it and I recommend this to any long time makeup junkie. Beginners? Not so much. 

Take care! XOXO 

Rimmel London Contour Kit | 003 Golden Bronze

Hi earthlings!

I've recently got my hand on the new Rimmel London Contour Kit and I am legitimately thrilled! This brand is unavailable in Malaysia so I was lucky enough when I stumble upon this item in Carousell. I bought this for RM55 = $13.75 including postage. It's quite expensive compared to the other countries considering the shipping cost.

rimmel london contour kit in 003 golden bronze

I adore the packaging design. It gives off posh and classy vibes even though it comes with a plastic case. The gold accent and asymmetrical corners also enhance the appearance of the contour kit.

Packaging A+

At the back, it includes a simple instruction on how to place the product on the face. 

The color combination of this kit is in harmony with each other. I would say this is a warm tone palette.

Highlight | Champagne gold with micro glitter 

Contour | Matte warm chocolate-y brown

Blush | Coral pink with gold iridescent  

Among the three, only the contour shade is a little powdery. It also swatch patchy and I would recommend tapping off the excess product to avoid blotchiness. The blush and highlight have minimal fallout but all of them are pretty pigmented.

Using all three shades in the kit.

Wearing the highlight on my lids and contour shade on my crease.

I am highly impressed by this contour kit. The highlight is intense enough for my liking and the contour is wearable as long as I use a light hand and the blush gives a nice extra glow on the skin. This is a perfect kit to travel with since it has three wonderful products in one. I personally like warm contour hence why I purposely choose the shade that is intended for dark skin tone. Overall, Rimmel London has done a good job with their first contour kit. 

Take care! XOXO 

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips | Echo Park

Hi y'all!

This is a long overdued review on the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips. I've had it for quite some time and it has been one of my go-to lip colour.

I purchased this for RM45 including postage.  

The packaging is identical to the Ultra Matte Lips (UML). In my experience, the wording on the tube fades off easily. I hate it when that happens so I always ensure to avoid holding those particular area. 

I would describe it as a muted pink with a hint of mauve. 

The product is highly pigmented and glides smoothly on the skin. The doe foot applicator helps a ton in term of precision especially at the corner of my mouth.

It doesn't taste funny and lasts a long time even after eating and drinking but it transfers like a lipstick. However most of it remain intact on the lips. It also didn't crumble up like my UML "Limbo" 

It stays pleasantly on the lips without drying out my lips and it's not as sticky as the UML. The finish has a bit of a sheen to it.

Overall, I like USL more than the UML but that does not mean I'm converting to USL. I still love UML since I love matte lipstick. I would definitely buy more shades from the USL especially "Tansy" and "Frick n Frack".

The Ultra Satin Lips by Colourpop is definitely worth trying!

Take care! XOXO

Innisfree Smart Foundation | Perfect Cover and Water Balancing

Hi earthlings!

I recently purchased these foundations because I was curious about the whole "smart foundation" concept. This was released back in 2014 in THIS post I've made. There were four types of foundation; perfect cover, water balancing, super moisture and long lasting. There's also a smart blender which can be mixed with the foundations.

Each of it comes in a small 15 ml tube with justification that our skin changes with the season and we need to adjust the makeup base according to our current skin condition. Hence most foundations remain unfinished or unused during those time. By providing a small tube, foundation wastage is minimized and can be used up quickly.

Smart, right? ;)

innisfree smart foundation water balancing perfect cover

Both comes in a basic grayish squeeze tube. 

Both are in the shade 23 True Beige. These are perfect for my skin tone. I'm usually using the darkest shade available in Korean BB cream/foundation.

It has pointy opening that enable more control over the product dispense. 

The color translate identically in the picture. However it does have a minuscule color difference with the naked eyes.

Water balancing is a tad thinner with a watery consistency while perfect cover is thicker.
Both have the Innisfree signature herbal scent but I find it milder than the Serum CC Cream.

Water balancing

This feels like nothing on the skin. It leaves a slight tackiness that is completely gone after powder. I would say it gives sheer coverage but did a great job at correcting my uneven skin tone. I bought this because I have a dehydrated oily skin and it seem to suits my skin perfectly. It transfers easily before powder so I would recommend you to set it with powder immediately. You're good to go after that.

Perfect Cover

This is nothing like its claim. My rosacea is still peeking through after application, much more my reddish acne scar. It also feels heavier than Water Balancing but it sits comfortably on my skin. I'm pretty sure I put more of this compared to the latter but it gives equal coverage = sheer coverage. 

Overall, my preference is skewed towards the Water balancing and I would definitely wear this for the no-makeup look. Both works fine with oily skin and it all comes down to your preferences. It can be purchased locally with a cheap price tag. I bought mine for RM30 including postage.

Its definitely not a mind blowing product but it'll be a good start for makeup beginners. :) 
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