Innisfree Smart Foundation | Perfect Cover and Water Balancing

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I recently purchased these foundations because I was curious about the whole "smart foundation" concept. This was released back in 2014 in THIS post I've made. There were four types of foundation; perfect cover, water balancing, super moisture and long lasting. There's also a smart blender which can be mixed with the foundations.

Each of it comes in a small 15 ml tube with justification that our skin changes with the season and we need to adjust the makeup base according to our current skin condition. Hence most foundations remain unfinished or unused during those time. By providing a small tube, foundation wastage is minimized and can be used up quickly.

Smart, right? ;)

innisfree smart foundation water balancing perfect cover

Both comes in a basic grayish squeeze tube. 

Both are in the shade 23 True Beige. These are perfect for my skin tone. I'm usually using the darkest shade available in Korean BB cream/foundation.

It has pointy opening that enable more control over the product dispense. 

The color translate identically in the picture. However it does have a minuscule color difference with the naked eyes.

Water balancing is a tad thinner with a watery consistency while perfect cover is thicker.
Both have the Innisfree signature herbal scent but I find it milder than the Serum CC Cream.

Water balancing

This feels like nothing on the skin. It leaves a slight tackiness that is completely gone after powder. I would say it gives sheer coverage but did a great job at correcting my uneven skin tone. I bought this because I have a dehydrated oily skin and it seem to suits my skin perfectly. It transfers easily before powder so I would recommend you to set it with powder immediately. You're good to go after that.

Perfect Cover

This is nothing like its claim. My rosacea is still peeking through after application, much more my reddish acne scar. It also feels heavier than Water Balancing but it sits comfortably on my skin. I'm pretty sure I put more of this compared to the latter but it gives equal coverage = sheer coverage. 

Overall, my preference is skewed towards the Water balancing and I would definitely wear this for the no-makeup look. Both works fine with oily skin and it all comes down to your preferences. It can be purchased locally with a cheap price tag. I bought mine for RM30 including postage.

Its definitely not a mind blowing product but it'll be a good start for makeup beginners. :) 

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