Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | Deluxe Size

Hola peeps!

Recently, my local Sephora store was having a 20% off of all items in store and online. I took the opportunity to purchase a mascara kit from Benefit since it has a few of their famous mascaras like Bad Gal and They're Real.
Image taken from Benefit US official site

A large tube of the individual mascara costs around RM105 = $25.40 while the kit itself is RM144 = $34.90 after 20% off. Such a steal!

I'm looking for mascaras that could hold my curl and provide volume simultaneously. I've tried the deluxe size of They're Real mascara a couple of years ago and I remember being fond of it and ever since then, no mascaras can perform on par with it. 

This time, I've decided to try the Roller Lash instead since it has been raved by a lot of beauty gurus on Youtube. It's also the latest mascara released by Benefit. 

Normally, the usage recommendation period for mascaras are 6 months. This is the main reason why I've chosen to buy a set deluxe mascaras. It saves me some cash (Bear in mind, this is a high end mascara!) and it's travel friendly.

The mascara claim to "super curl and lift" the lashes.

I've seen quite a few AMAZING result of its performance on Youtube. It instantly thickened and lengthen the lashes as if the user is wearing false lashes (no kidding!)  

The wand has a banana shape to fit the curve of the eyes with rubber bristles. The wand is also flexible yet it didn't make the application difficult by wiggling here and there.

 Freshly applied 

5 hours later

On my first time using it, I noticed it has a wet formulation and clumpy af. My lashes stick together and I can clearly see lumps of mascaras dangling on it. It does give a nice volume by giving thickness at lashes roots. I had to use a spooly to separate my lashes and get rid of the lumps which is time consuming. 

The mascara is onyx black and it did emphasize my lashes and made it more noticeable than before. I love that it manage to hold my curls for the whole time I was wearing it. I have droopy eyes and stubborn lashes. My curls never stays and I always end up with a droopier eyes since my outer lashes tend to uncurl first. -____-

Sometimes I would find a faint smear on my lower outer eyes. It's not extreme but I did see color difference between that spot and the area surrounding it. However yesterday, I didn't see any smear. I'm guessing I didn't set my under eyes properly the other day.

Removal is easy. I use an oil based remover and it came off without tugging. I also didn't notice any strong scent. 

Overall, I'm in a love hate relationship with this mascara. I'm glad I've purchased the deluxe set instead of the full size product because now I have a good idea of its performance before committing to the full size one. 

Take care! XOXO 


ieyra h. said...

the box is such a bargain! btw do you have any recommendations for cleansing oil? I'd like to try DHC, but the price is almost RM100? so expensive T_T

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. I'm currently using the Biore Cleansing Oil. Its in purple pump bottle. It smells like apple n remove all trace of makeup but it does stain my eyes >.<

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