Age 20's Essence Cover Pact Review

Hi earthlings!


Today I bring you a review about a product sold through the home shopping channel GoShop. The brand originated from South Korea but I have never heard of it before. Anyway the package arrive after 4 days. Quite fast considering my address (Sabah). The delivery cost is RM20! Expensive horrr. 

The front cover is made up of metal. It looks super edgy and sophisticated. I look up on Google and fair enough, this product is targeted for women on their 30's (based on personal approximation of the model's age). It also has SPF50+++ so its all good for the skin ay'.


I tend to veer off of cream product due to my oily skin yet I've always wanted to try it at the same time because it's always fun to try new makeup! :) :) :) The pact, like its name consists of a mixture of white product marbled in between the main cream product. The cushion puff is just like a regular air puff though I feel like its slightly thinner.

Upper swatch - beige and white mixed together
Lower swatch - beige alone

The overall tone become a tad fairer when mixed together while using the beige tone alone will be too dark for my skintone. The dilemma -.- Upon application, it feels hydrating and cooling at the same time. 

Its lightweight and the air puff makes it impossible for me to cake up my face. It looks invisible on the skin and I'm rather impressed. The finish is a bit tacky for me. It might be just me because I could not tolerate even a hint of tackiness.

 Wearing the pact

From the perspective of an oily skin person, this pact is tolerable if I'm out and about during a windy/cloudy day. It will definitely melt off under the sun because cream product is usually oily, when its mixed with the sebum it will slip and slide everywhere!

The shade match my skin tone, its not too dark or too fair to the point it looks ashy. The funny thing is I feel like the hydrating effect lasts even after 2-3 hours applying it. I cannot comment the longevity since I wore it for only 4-5 hours and it still looking pretty good. Not sure whether it'll last all day.

In a nutshell, its a damn good product for someone with dry/combination skin. It works well with oily skin but it won't last long under the heat from the sun. I personally think this is for women in the 30's who's looking for beneficial makeup with skincare ingredients but hey, you do you ;)

Take care!

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