[OOTD] no practical class day!


my practical class will be finished next week OMG.

nude high waisted peplum(?) - gift
grey straight jeans - flea market
bawal shawl - RM5 
nude shoes - RM29.90

honestly,the top is not my style but a very dear friend of mine gave me so...i wear it to honour her. :) talking about BFF here.the top is thick cotton hence why i only put this on when there is no practical class (nanti sweating like a boss!)

for the ending...

siha!! <3

p/s ; i need new footwear,sneakers! D: 

Your Everyday Beauty Supplies

hi cupcakes.

i've been so busy with practical class and so forth hence i was unable to update my blog. :/ anyway,its weekend!TGIF!

im back yet with another so-called-makeup entry muehehe in which every makeup enthusiast MUST do that is 'My everyday makeup' or 'my everyday routine' or whatsoever.however this one is my version of everyday makeup which i will be featuring some of my favourite products yay!

and....minus the tutorial. D: 

so what is this everyday beauty supplies??

its basically just the products that you need/want/have to apply (on your face) everyday.

of course when we're talking about EVERYDAY we want something that is SIMPLE and EASY plus UNDRAMATIC.i think smoky eyeshadow is not suitable for my daily makeup because..it takes time and a lot of maintenance XD but some women do use smoky eyes as their daily routine.that is why this is MY VERSION of makeup.

BUT once a week or once every two week is reasonable to draw a winged eyeliner or put on some colour on your lids (just saying)

anywayyyyy moving on to the real post.

although i have a lot more products,these baby are on the top list.

1.Holika Holika Petit BB Cream (Watery) -> scroll down to read why i love this.
3.Peri's Tint #4 Kissable Red

i absolutely definitely in love with this products.if you have oily and acne prone skin maybe you can try the BB cream as well as loose powder (click the link).it works well on me and i hope it works on your skin too.

for now i rarely wear any makeup (even BB),except sunblock (because KL is so effing hot) because i have six hours of chemistry practical class.im afraid the product will react with the unfamiliar chemicals in the lab and cause skin irritation :O so NOPE.

i hope this entry help you.

see you later! xoxo.

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Hello March!


dan itu saya dengan background midvalley kosong ditengah malam. :)

time flew so fast.its already march and i realized it just now.

there's still a lot of aspects i need to improve on such as my willpower.boy i really need a wake up call.my life has been a little less than hectic since i have two practical classes in the same week for a month.

my pointer is also just the average,need to work more on that.this year i will become 20 and one of my before-twenty-list is to have a toned flat abs (which obviously i dont have right now).i want to improve my time management as well as my note keeping management.

one important lesson i learnt just now is that why strict myself to a circle of people??there's nothing wrong with befriending with everyone.of course not everyone can be my friends but at least i should give them a chance.

possibilities is always out there.it can only be seen if im willing to try out new options.i dont know why im saying this,most probably because i read a book that talks about this particular topic. :) 

i want to emphasize more on my talents,give more attentions to my passion and do more of what makes me happy.i've been neglecting it for the past few months.worst,i gave my full dedication on silly stuffs like hours of online(?)

anyway guys,i hope you have a great day ahead of you.

pray for lahad datu.sabah is my home.although ranau is a bit far from lahad datu,anything can happen.nauzubillah.

p/s ; finally bought an Etude House BB cream!! :D
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