Hello March!


dan itu saya dengan background midvalley kosong ditengah malam. :)

time flew so fast.its already march and i realized it just now.

there's still a lot of aspects i need to improve on such as my willpower.boy i really need a wake up call.my life has been a little less than hectic since i have two practical classes in the same week for a month.

my pointer is also just the average,need to work more on that.this year i will become 20 and one of my before-twenty-list is to have a toned flat abs (which obviously i dont have right now).i want to improve my time management as well as my note keeping management.

one important lesson i learnt just now is that why strict myself to a circle of people??there's nothing wrong with befriending with everyone.of course not everyone can be my friends but at least i should give them a chance.

possibilities is always out there.it can only be seen if im willing to try out new options.i dont know why im saying this,most probably because i read a book that talks about this particular topic. :) 

i want to emphasize more on my talents,give more attentions to my passion and do more of what makes me happy.i've been neglecting it for the past few months.worst,i gave my full dedication on silly stuffs like hours of online(?)

anyway guys,i hope you have a great day ahead of you.

pray for lahad datu.sabah is my home.although ranau is a bit far from lahad datu,anything can happen.nauzubillah.

p/s ; finally bought an Etude House BB cream!! :D


Hanida Moss said...

Happy March dearie :) Akak pun nak tone down flabby belly and bontot kembang -_-


dh msuk march.. *sigh
cpatnye ms belalu


Soo true. Time flew very fast ;D

Azwa Mislan said...

@Hanida Moss muehehe kena banyak exercise tau kak. :)

Azwa Mislan said...

@NIA SI DRUMSTICK kann..tak sedar pun dah march. :O

Azwa Mislan said...

@ANISRAHIM yep,tup-tup nanti dah mei.then puasa,then raya kekeke.

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