[Eye Candy] Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

hello candies!

look what i bought with my BB1M,a makeup manual. 0w0 i tried looking for Coco Chanel's book but failed. *sigh* although the shop has all Bobbi Brown's book,i didn't purchase everything because well..its too old. :P

let me zoom in the price for you *angkat kening*

biar muntah korang tengok harga beno and harga 'diskaun' buku ni.
aku pun hampir pengsan bila nampak hari tu lol.

aku kan baik,nah snippets dari buku tu.
best wo asian type pun hadoooo.

melayang sekeping baucer 50 MYR.

p/s ; besok ada practical organic,bapak banyak test! :O

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever (Pore Primer Stick) Review

greetings candies!

today i went to Sungei Wang Plaza..for the effing first time in my whole life spent in UM! *exaggerating* wow,cool place.The classic version of Berjaya Times Square umhaha.

i didn't know this place have an Etude House franchise until i saw a cute sweet pink booth.omaigad and this place didn't disappoint me!but somehow there were like 5 or 6 workers for such a tiny place and that got me confused...maybe they're in charge of the display's cleanliness! :)

of course they have a promotion corner and guess what i bought on impulse??

yep,this baby here cost me 29.90 MYR instead of its original price,42.90 MYR.

I seriously regret buying this because when we were at Times Square's Etude House,they also got eye cream on promo (which is what i really really need right now) but...im short on money :/

i hate it when they dont put translation at the crucial part boo.

definitely worth it.from 42.90 MYR to 29.90 MYR,that's like 13 MYR ++ discount!

the packaging is uber cool,cute,adorable whatever you want to call it.i like the concept,y'know smiling and sad pores and stuffs.the product name also reminds me of benefit porefessional. :) the height of the item is exactly 9.5 cm.

its texture is like a wax.it has neutral color so everyone can wear this.i was surprised it doesn't have  a strong scent (though they still exist in this product) because normally korean products have strong scent.i guess that's a bonus point?

i have a little problem while opening it,but i guess that's fine.duh,no one really cares.


i dont know if you can see it or not but it is definitely has a visible pore reducing effect in real life.

probably yes,if its on sala again. :) its like they want to sell away all sandara era's products.


till then,xoxo.

Cheap Shine Free Translucent Powder With Corn Starch

hello cupcakes!

i've been looking for a suitable loose powder for my (extremely) oily skin.i dont want to spend money on this product only to found that it doesn't do what its suppose to do at the end (loose powder is quite expensive)

through out various researched and youtube browsing,i finally found a kind of DIY loose powder for oily skin team united muehehe.

the answer is CORN STARCH. (tepung jagung la weh)

cornstarch is very absorbent and since its white in colour,you dont have to worry about skin tone compability!it will suits you just fine as long as you dont put too much,like the opera lady muehehe.

also,cornstarch can be used to make a DIY baby powder with a few more ingredients *google it!* 

1. purchase any corn starch from your local grocery's store or check you cupboard,you may already have it all this time!

2. obtain a powder case with a face sponge.you can find it at japanese store like Daiso or 100 Yen or any beauty department stores.i bought mine from 100 Yen at Suria Sabah.

apparently 100 Yen = 3.34 MYR.
but i bought this both for almost 10 MYR.
the shop's name doesn't make sense??

3. clean the powder case first.hygiene is very important neh?

4. pour some of the corn starch into the powder case.

5. now you have your very own DIY translucent loose powder that will surely works!

honestly,i tried this myself and it really reduced my shiny T zone.i didn't have any breakouts from wearing this so i guess you'll be fine too.you can also pack it in your bag,who knows you might need touch up?? :3

frankly,i dont have perfect skin.im still trying to figure out what's best for my skin. *nods* sadly,i think im incompatible with the Holika Holika Travel Special Kit :'( i'll probably try it till next week and see if its just a short term effect.

meanwhile,i might sell it back on my friendly fashion page (which will be my very first item to be sold ahaaa) or to whoever close to me whom interested. :)

till then,xoxo.

i miss my baby sister. :'(

Skin Care Alert!!! (Holika Holika Travel Special Kit & Hada Labo Trial Kit)


here goes an unplan entry.

a few entries before,i told you about changing my skincare products so im gonna share to you my findings(?) (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) 

did you know that you can make your own skincare products?from cleansing foam to moisturizer?ahah its all in Google darling.

anyway,i still bought the chemically manufactured products just because its so main stream i kinda used to it. *am i the only one?*

originally Suria Sabah have Tony Moly but sadly it was closed either for renovation or it flunk. *sigh* and im very very disappointed with Etude House at 1Borneo.its very dirty and most of the items are out dated (◔_◔) 

i've only started using this Holika Holika Kit since this morning (⊙ω⊙) so i can't give any comments (yet),skincare takes longer time to works.i'll be providing you pictures and vague description on the products.

Holika Holika Travel Special Kit (and i thought its Special Travel Kit lol) (RM 35 @ any Holika Holika booth)

all in hangul so its a down mark for most of Holika Holika products.they dont provide translation,even if it does it contain very little description.

at the front,its Jung Il Woo while at the back there's also SISTAR (i love them!!) and the product's ingredients.

surprisingly this shower gel didn't form bubbles even after i squish a big amount of it on my sponge.
:( but it smells so nice.

i thought the cleanser will be black in colour or at least have a black particles in it but NO.it has white colour and very foamy.is it just me or Korean cleansing products didn't make your skin feels tighten after its usage?? 

Toner and Emulsion (moisturizer)

The toner is a bit thick but overall i like it both.

apparently i have an oily skin so yay for this one.although i haven't been using this one (some say its too fair),im pretty impressed because this actually can be a substitute to my BB routine.

Hada Labo Trial Kit (RM 19 @ Watsons)

Hada Labo is a japanese product and i was so intrigued to try this product but its so expensive. D: so when i saw this kit on the rack i practically snatch it lmao.i'll try this later on after the Holika Holika products.

till then,xoxo.

p/s ; so harlem shake,anyone?? :P

[OOTD] Girls Day Out!


OOTD means Outfit Of The Day.

seriously,i came to know this term only last week D: anyway,im back in KL and im already missing Sabah :'( a few days before my flight i went to KK with Ray,my bestie.

when it comes to going out i want total comfort with my clothes,i dont want any fabrice that interfere my skin perspiration or too heavy fashion. *shakes head* i mean,i dont wanna look awkward in my own clothes.

awks pose.


what im wearing

1. white ruffled studded blazer bought from my dear friend online shop
2. sleeveless moustache shirt (very thin i had to wear inner) bought from Berjaya Times Square (RM10)
3. Acid washed jeans from the flea market at my hometown (RM20)
4. Nude boat shoes from DOSS (RM39.90)
5. Color block bag bought from Berjaya Times Square (RM25)
6. Bawal Shawl (RM10)

(red background in conjunction with Chinese New Year yay)

the bag is multi-handling functional(?).so i opt to change how i wear it over time.it can be a backpack too.

its not really studded but i dont know what else should i call it puahaha forgive my bad vocab aka fashion term.

we arrived even before the shop was open umhaha.

my friend went with a much simplicity.

1.plaid shirt with black inner
2.dark washed jeans
3.sneakers from Cotton On
4. Bawal shawl
5. Black leather sling bag

she shopped a lot! ;P

this is my first OOTD entry and i hope its not an epic failure :O
nevertheless,im gonna make OOTD post every once in a while.

what's your outing fashion?

Freebies : Simple/KPOP Transparent Header


baru-baru ni aku sebok buat header baru (header atas sana),ada muka TOP :) tiba-tiba aku rasa cam aku pro sudah konon buat header umhaha ok shattap.simple header seja sebab aku beginner.

  • kalau saiz tak ngam dengan blog,boleh adjust dekat photoscape ya.
  • aku sudah try freebies ni dekat blog sendiri,so far semua ok jak.
  • sorry kalau ada cacat cela,ada kekotoran yg aku tidak terdelete.minor problem kan. :)
  • ada apa-apa,roger jak la di komen.
cara save,right hand click - save image as (ada paham?)
 Dream Header
Dimension ; 830x300
Hope Round Header
Dimension ; 830x300

2NE1 Header
Dimension ; 830x350

Moustache Header
Dimension ; 830x350

Dimension ; 830x300

Dinosaur Rawr Header
Dimension ; 830x350

pictures source ; GOOGLE IMAGE
software used ; GIMP
edited by ; azwaa.blogspot.com

till then,xoxo.

Tips Fotogenik

hai cherries.


aku ramalkan ong tahun baru ni kali bagus sebab cuaca dari pagi berawan,langit biru tapi ndak panas. :) so yep,may this lunar new year bring you a lot of ong and money.

kembali ke topik asal.
  • pencahayaan atau lighting
benda paling penting ni.natural light is the best option.pilih tempat yang mempunyai pencahayaan yg bagus.cth - tempat yg kena matahari,terang or simply dapat cahaya dari luar (siang) atau tempat yg ada lampu fluoresen terang (malam)

lighting yang bagus boleh sembunyikan semua kecacatan muka muehehe. :P 

  • kamera digital (at least 8 Megapixel)
kenapa kamera digital?alaa,takkan la korang poyo sangat mau tangkap selca dgn kamera lomo kan lmao.cuba tengok lens kamera korang,kat situ ada tulis berapa megapixel kan.semakin tinggi megapixel,semakin refine la gambar korang.

  • cari 'angle' terbaik anda
ok,bila korang syok depan kamera tu,selalunya ada beberapa hasil yg menampakkan betapa flawless nya muka,pose dan senyuman anda.hahhhh,tu maybe best angle korang la.so tiap kali ambil gambar,korang automatically bleh tau apa yg terbaek utk gambar korang. :)

  • berlatih senyum depan cermin
supaya ndak terbuat senyuman awkward.senyum pun ada seninya disitu. :D senyum bleh di control tapi dalam masa yg sama nampak sangat natural.percaya atau tidak?

  • look good.
this is not rocket science but kalau tiada effort utk nampak cantik,sampai bila pun gambar tu tidak cantik kan?so i suggest (bagi perempuan) pakai BB cream (lightweight,probability utk fail rendah sebab BB cream berubah mengikut warna kulit kita),concealer untuk tutup hitam bawah mata and parut jerawat,lip tint or lip balm utk bibir natural dan merah comel (eseh) dan eyeliner untuk 'eye popper'

  • for hijabers
cari hijab yg sesuai dengan muka korang.sebab personally,muka aku tidak padan pakai shawl.asal pakai mesti dahi jadi luas seluas mata memandang  dan nampak gumuk. :/ tudung bawal tone down my face,tidak memfokuskan dahi dan reshape muka aku.kadang-kadang boleh nampak bujur muka aku.sebenarnya aku kurang suka lilit-lilit ni,panas. :O

  • Be Confident!
there's nothing more beautiful than a confident and natural smile that reach the people's heart! <3

till then,xoxo.

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