Cheap Shine Free Translucent Powder With Corn Starch

hello cupcakes!

i've been looking for a suitable loose powder for my (extremely) oily skin.i dont want to spend money on this product only to found that it doesn't do what its suppose to do at the end (loose powder is quite expensive)

through out various researched and youtube browsing,i finally found a kind of DIY loose powder for oily skin team united muehehe.

the answer is CORN STARCH. (tepung jagung la weh)

cornstarch is very absorbent and since its white in colour,you dont have to worry about skin tone compability!it will suits you just fine as long as you dont put too much,like the opera lady muehehe.

also,cornstarch can be used to make a DIY baby powder with a few more ingredients *google it!* 

1. purchase any corn starch from your local grocery's store or check you cupboard,you may already have it all this time!

2. obtain a powder case with a face can find it at japanese store like Daiso or 100 Yen or any beauty department stores.i bought mine from 100 Yen at Suria Sabah.

apparently 100 Yen = 3.34 MYR.
but i bought this both for almost 10 MYR.
the shop's name doesn't make sense??

3. clean the powder case first.hygiene is very important neh?

4. pour some of the corn starch into the powder case.

5. now you have your very own DIY translucent loose powder that will surely works!

honestly,i tried this myself and it really reduced my shiny T zone.i didn't have any breakouts from wearing this so i guess you'll be fine can also pack it in your bag,who knows you might need touch up?? :3

frankly,i dont have perfect still trying to figure out what's best for my skin. *nods* sadly,i think im incompatible with the Holika Holika Travel Special Kit :'( i'll probably try it till next week and see if its just a short term effect.

meanwhile,i might sell it back on my friendly fashion page (which will be my very first item to be sold ahaaa) or to whoever close to me whom interested. :)

till then,xoxo.

i miss my baby sister. :'(


Rafydahouse said...

uuuuu, menarik!! kalau kulit sensitif bole pakai ka jga?

Azwa Amanina said...

@Rafydahouse boleh! dia mcm organic product kan jadi xda effect chemical :)

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