Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever (Pore Primer Stick) Review

greetings candies!

today i went to Sungei Wang Plaza..for the effing first time in my whole life spent in UM! *exaggerating* wow,cool place.The classic version of Berjaya Times Square umhaha.

i didn't know this place have an Etude House franchise until i saw a cute sweet pink booth.omaigad and this place didn't disappoint me!but somehow there were like 5 or 6 workers for such a tiny place and that got me confused...maybe they're in charge of the display's cleanliness! :)

of course they have a promotion corner and guess what i bought on impulse??

yep,this baby here cost me 29.90 MYR instead of its original price,42.90 MYR.

I seriously regret buying this because when we were at Times Square's Etude House,they also got eye cream on promo (which is what i really really need right now) short on money :/

i hate it when they dont put translation at the crucial part boo.

definitely worth it.from 42.90 MYR to 29.90 MYR,that's like 13 MYR ++ discount!

the packaging is uber cool,cute,adorable whatever you want to call it.i like the concept,y'know smiling and sad pores and stuffs.the product name also reminds me of benefit porefessional. :) the height of the item is exactly 9.5 cm.

its texture is like a has neutral color so everyone can wear this.i was surprised it doesn't have  a strong scent (though they still exist in this product) because normally korean products have strong scent.i guess that's a bonus point?

i have a little problem while opening it,but i guess that's fine.duh,no one really cares.


i dont know if you can see it or not but it is definitely has a visible pore reducing effect in real life.

probably yes,if its on sala again. :) its like they want to sell away all sandara era's products.


till then,xoxo.


susi pin said...

if we just use face powder after pore stick, is it okay ? thanks

Azwa Amanina said...

@susi pin hi susi.yes,its completely fine.BB/CC/foundation is optional actually.Just follow your usual routine. :)

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