Sarjana Muda Sains Kimia Gunaan UM


you might probably have known that im enrolling (will) in Bsc. of Applied Chemistry at UM.honestly,im so delighted i got this cos this course is my target.thanks to my chemistry demonstrator back in PASUM,i confidently chose it during UPU.chemistry is my favourite among all the other science subject.i like Bio but memorizing facts the entire sem??nope.

Chemistry do involve memorizing too but it personally i think the lab work will be more adventorous.muehehe.i will be handling hazardous chemical and a few mistakes could make me infertile! =.=' if there's one thing im scared bout being a chemist is,its about the chemical seeps through my skin and kill my eggs :O 

earlier,when i found out most of my friends got medic i feel kind of jealous n alone.i was the only one in science faculty while all of them at medic faculty.most probably there will be schedule's differences and i cant hang out with them.distance make the hearts grow fonder?? :3 besides,my residential college was like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis far from theirs. T.T its uncomfortable knowing i would no longer listening to the kind of talks and jokes that suits me,the sabahan style.its uncomfortable knowing i would no longer able to spend MOST of my free time with them.

muehehe,tiba-tiba rilakkuma menyelit.

then reality strikes me,i cant live following where my friends go.diri sudah x layak dgn medic,result pun average saja x pyh angan-angan.minat pun tidak.meeting new people??not my cup of tea but i certainly handled this kind of situation before so i'll be just fine.then there's this dealing with other ppl's behavior,you know enduring their habits in order to survive. =.= 

on the other hand,its KL we're talking about.KL ; the city that never sleeps.sure i've been there before,for a year but that does not guarantee a bit that i will hold on tight on my all depends on me but i say friends are your biggest influence. (true story)

im scared even after all the PASUM adventure,i still get butterflies in my stomach.

nevertheless,getting new friends is definitely an opportunity to open my eyes,to give me wider perception on never know until you do it. ^^ learning new stuffs is a MUST and new experinces is waiting.its up to me to enhance and react to everything. (muehehe,ayat optimis gila)

sahabat(s),good luck kamu.belajar betul-betul sebab kerja nanti bukan setakat mau kumpul duit utk beli iPhone atau DSLR.kerja untuk kasi makan family kamu naaaaaaanti. :3

P/S - sorry,bukan info pasal applied chem.more to personal feelings.LOL.

journey with photograph (today's tutoring)


biggie sorry,i forgot to photograph my students. :/

sebelum bertolak

long way from my home to the main road,its not that far anyway.x sempat berpeluh pun.

payung,sebab petang-petang selalu hujan.

jalan dari main road ke SMK Lohan.lengang kan??

just a random house.

under the sunlight.

pintu pagar SMK Lohan

sampai saja depan pagar,ada kata-kata semangat.

lorong dari dewan SEMELOR ke kantin (tempat mengajar)

kebetulan kawan aku tengah mengajar ADD MATHS.

kanak-kanak comel tengah rehat.

abaikan muka yg agak uhhh.

then aku mengajar,terus Elena pinjam kamera aku (muehehe,kamera apeks sebenarnya)

basically dorang suma kawan waktu kecik-kecik.semua sama umur.muehehe,muka suma masih familiar.

SMK Lohan's basketball court.

lepas tu bergerak la aku balik rumah. 

ikut suka badan saja anj ni duduk di laluan kereta.

gerai sederet tu ada restoran,cyber cafe,kedai bundle.

lapar sangat so singgah di gerai beli nasi goreng ayam.cheesedale tu aku sendiri letak.yum yum!
beza sabah dan semenanjung,apa sahaja order makanan mesti ada bagi sup free.x payah minta.

CHOMBI tidur dgn aegyo nya di carpet.

fish eye effect

pop colour effect

aku dapat kolej kediaman ketiga.aku emo ni,aku harap betul dapat kolej 12 tp blehhh.aku google kolej 3 ni fames masalah air. :/ 

[SELCA] me playing with makeup


muehehe,as promised-

stuffs used ;

palette tu kawan bagi --> (check her blog,she loves makeup too!)
i use FACESHOP lovely ME:X BB cream.

[SELCA] promo muka muehehe.

ohh,itu MR. TOP aku :3 

next story will be my makeup story. ^^ (belum lagi aku buat entri album STILL ALIVE kan) -.-

me with 2NE1's eye makeup (CL and Park Bom)


i decided to doll up my eyes like 2NE1 and here it goes.

there's flaws here and there,im a BEGINNER fyi.

my eyes hurt like hell,pedih.totally fcked. -.-'

i dont use false lashes (yet) nor mascara (hate mascara!)


lol,i forgot to thicken the liner on left bad. 

doesn't really look the same cos i dont have the appropiate brushes.
still,it can be considered as 'inspired',right?


no pics btw,heeeee.

CL always wear thick eyeliner cos she's not so i dont wear the eyeliner too thick.

looks uneven cos i tilted my head to le left,i guess?


perfect drugstore for beginners (SASATINNIE makeup haul)

hi! :)

i din told you guys right that i was going to KK today??well,i did.

my targets are ;

  • maybelline new york eyes studio
  • black gel eyeliner
  • makeup brush
which i ended up buying MORE than listed since its fucking SALE everywhere!

may i introduce you,the most affordable - branded - trusted drugstore in my universe *drum rolls*


initially i went to TONY MOLY and HOLIKA HOLIKA to test out their gel liner but its not creamy.idk,maybe its the tester so it was already dried but definitely not buying.then i went to SASA and the sales girl showed me this!

10% discount if im not mistaken.


the rest is history~

RM 10

RM 8.45

when i apply it on my hand,it does really look pigmented.
but once on my lips,nahh.not that much.



tadaaaa,comel oh.

x rugi,barang harga ratus-ratus tinggal puluh-puluh. :D


i think i have like 3 flat brushes now.i keep on buying the wrong all looks the same at the shop. :/


been dying to have this! murah - berkualiti - selamat (promosi la konon)

tangan full dgn bekas gel liner.semua waterproof,x bleh cuci


aku nampak fames betul style gini skrg,aku beli juga.murah,RM4 satu. :O


aku sampai terus epah bagi ni,

OMG,kakak intan sua hntr rupanya siang tadi!dsjcghdscgsjh da jnji mau bagi sebab da x terguna sudah.hand on lomo camera. :)

ko tengok harga dia,18.90 MYR saja.MINTA PUJI SAJA SEMUA TU KEDAI YG JUAL RM30++ CEKIK DARAH.kalau ada kedai yg jual smpai begini harga dia,cuba bygkan berapa harga dorang beli dari pembekal??berapa pula untung yg dorang dapat?

te lopong kamu nmpk harga dia x smpai 20 MYR pun. (marah dgn penjual-penjual diluar sana)

anyhow,thats all for todehhh readers.panjang sangat kan entri ni,puhhh.

penat,mau zzzz.goot bam!

nanti mau min-min la pakai makeup trus aml selca ehhhh.

P/S ; did you watch 2NE1's I LOVE YOU MV?? :) I LOVE YOU ALL BABIES!

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