Karreuche x Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips Review

Hi earthlings!

I just received this in my mail today and I am beyond excited that I'm doing an immediate review hehe. This is the Karrueche x Colourpop collab which is called Kaepop. The shade I own is Chi. I bought this for RM30.

I've been wanting to try Colourpop cosmetics for some time but I can never decide which shade to buy because there's so many to choose from! Even now they're expanding their products to brow pomade and brow pencil. O___O Finally I've jumped into the bandwagon when someone was selling this cheaply on Carousell.

The tube gives out an expensive vibe with the silver lid and rose gold accent. It is transparent and its made up of plastic. The design and presentation is simplistic with just enough attraction for the eyes to look at.

The liquid lipstick has a doe foot applicator and it pick up quite a lot of product which is convenient because I don't have to continuously dip back into the tube. 

The website describes it as "cool tone nude beige".

I was anxious whether it will appear too pale and greyish for my skintone. I googled the swatch and some of it look super pale :O Thankfully it did match my skintone pretty well, at least in my opinion. 

Upon trying it, I noticed its liquidy and thin texture. It doesn't feel heavy and it feels almost nothing on the lips. I heard complaints that the Ultra Matte Lips is too drying but I think they twisted the formula for this particular collaboration. The product glide smoothly on my lips and it emphasize all the lines on the lips. A lip primer will minimize the appearance of lip lines. Plus it does not have any noticeable scent. The LA Girls Pigment Gloss has strong paint scent.

It dries down matte and transfer minimally once it dried. I have not test it for a full day yet so I cannot comment on the longevity and effect of meals and drinks in between. But so far I'm liking it!

Take care! XOXO

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hi earthlings!

I've posted a video on my channel. Feel free to watch and leave comments. :)

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Forever 21 Makeup Sponge Set Review

Hi y'all!

*First, I apologize for the dirty appearance of the product I'm about to show you

I bought this almost a year ago. Being a student, I can't afford to purchase the cult favorite Beauty Blender, so I settled for less. Fake it till you make it! :) This was around RM40 and sold at most Forever 21 outlets. I bought mine at Midvalley.

The main reason I bought this because I have a variation of sponges hence I am able to experiment and see which shape has the best performance. The packaging doesn't say where it was made of but I'm pretty sure this is imported from China and distributed under Forever 21 label.

Generic beauty blender shape.

Gourd shaped sponge which I believe popular in the Asian countries.

This one is just plain weird. I think they take inspiration from the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

All of them are dense and hard while dry. In wet condition, it expand 1-2x of its original size and it turn bouncy and airy. Sometimes when I wring out the excess water, it take a few seconds for it to return to its original shape. The latex hasn't shed or break to pieces (aka decompose) even after continuous usage. I've thrown away my Etude House baby doll puff that I reviewed HERE because it became stiff and crumble to small pieces after some time D: 

Of all three, I love the tear drop and gourd shaped sponges. They can easily blend my undereyes area seamlessly while reaching other area such as my nose. For me it absorbs the right amount of product and works perfectly with the baking method. Mind you, I bake on a daily basis because gurrrrrrl ain't no concealer stays put under my eyes except I bake it.

I've been using this non-stop ever since I purchased it. Obviously, my least favorite is the one with a flat side. I don't understand the shape. The flat side is excellent to blend a large surface area only if it has a pointy side. Without it, it just become awkward because it cannot fit the underyes or nose. Maybe this is only for foundation.

Using the tear shaped sponge (foundation,concealer and baking)

Overall, I highly recommend this item. Its affordable and you get different variation of sponges in one box. Good for beginners or broke people like me LOL.

Take care! XOXO

Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint Review (05 All Night Red)

Hello earthlings!

Last year, Tony Moly released their Facetone collection which include this tint as part of the Liptone line. I was also interested to purchase the skin tint but I was unsure of my shade so I bought the liptint instead. 

I wanted a classic red tint and through the advertorial, I figure this shade will be the perfect one. WRONG! 

The tint was packaged to look like a nail polish. The transparent, bulky glass gives out luxury vibe plus they're very generous with the product inside. No worries though, the bottle doesn't feel like it'll break easily, just don't purposely smash it :D

The applicator is doe foot shaped. For some reason the cover has loosen up and I can't secure the lid tightly :( It feels as if the lid will detach itself if I put this in my pouch. It's so frustrating!

The swatch looks nice, exactly the kind of red that I want. 

 I wiped off the tint to see its stain and WTF it has pink tint!

THE F###

It's not red as I imagine it to be T____T

I was fooled by the advertorial T_________T

It is gel-like but almost watery and its not as bitter as most liptints. It has high color pay off and difficult to remove with regular makeup remover. However it fade off pretty easily if it comes in contact with oil. I guess its oil soluble so keep that in mind, especially during meals. Once dried, it transfer minimally to the glass its barely noticeable.

I love the color pay off but honestly, its difficult for any tints to stain my upper lip and this one is no exception. I need to build up the color on my upper lip while it stains my lower lip effortlessly. It sets fast so I have to blend it quickly, otherwise it'll form an awkward harsh line on the lips which destroy the goal of gradient lips -__- 

Its a good product, I'm just disappointed with the pink stain. I would recommend this if you want a vivid and long lasting liptint with an affordable price. :)

Take care! XOXO

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Review

Hello peeps!

I've owned this product for quite some time. I bought this at my hometown's Watsons for about RM16++. I was blown away when I swatch the tester but when I bought the new, wrapped one I was a little bit disappointed.

The size is rather small, the product itself is only 0.8 gram. Its definitely a product that you can toss easily inside your makeup pouch. I adore the incorporation of black and sky blue on the packaging. It gives spices to the gloomy, stereotype eyeliner packaging which is ALWAYS either black or brown themes. That little thing irks me LOL

My camera failed to focus on the bristles but in a glance, you can definitely tell the tip is ain't sharp, pointy and thin as it should be. It annoys the crap out of me. The tester has the most perfect applicator I've ever used. It was soft, thin and I figure I can draw a fleek flick effortlessly. But when I bought a new one, I was surprised the bristles tip was GLUED together forming a harden tip. I wiped off the product from the bristles and I cut the harden tip with a scissor. There is no way I would be able to use the eyeliner without removing it.

That is how I ended up with a blunt bristles. By the way it has a brush tip.

It dries to a matte finish and the intensity of the black pigments are okay. Its black enough for my preference and its not streaky. It dries fast but long enough for me to work with it. I notice that it clings on to the skin once it dries, its nothing uncomfortable but I definitely feel it.

After an intense rubbing.

Assuming nobody rubs their eyes hardcore, this product is considered smudge proof and budge proof. Even if it budge, it'll be in the form of flakes.

Overall, it's a great product for the fact that its super affordable and its pigment is A+. Its also easily removed with makeup wipes and doesn't cause the panda eyes effect (Y'know what I mean). Has it not the glued tip, it would be an A+++ item.

Take care! XOXO

Essence Lip Liner Review (01 Ready for Red, 05 Lovely Frappucino)

Hello earthlings!

I grabbed these during my Malacca trip. Essence products are affordable but for some reason it was rarely restocked :/ I've been wanting to purchase these ever since Tati and Kathleen Lights rave about its performance. 

I bought these two particular shades because its pretty much the only color of my lipsticks LOL. I've never use any lip liner before and this provide a good alternative for me. Its cheap and it works wonderfully!

The product comes in a twistable pencil form and there's no need to sharpen them. It can be a good and bad thing. Good because it saves time, bad because once the bullet go blunt, its difficult to draw a precise line on the lips.

Lovely Frappucino ; Brown with a hint of mauve. This reminds me of the Kylie Jenner lip trend

Ready for Red ; Classic red shade

The formula is creamy in a sense that it glide smoothly on the skin. I barely apply any pressure to ensure the color transfer on my lips. I've used it to apply all over my lips and I have to admit the Ready for Red is a bit tacky compared to Lovely Frappucino. Its so comfortable on the lips and I wear it on its own without any gloss over top. 

Lovely Frappucino applied all over the lips

Ready for Red with Sephora Cream Lipstan 01

Honestly, I am hooked. Its affordable yet it does the job. It fade out beautifully as it doesn't crumble up or patchiness after drinks or meal. The color is opaque and it does not suck the moisture out of my lips. Its a great alternative if you're unwilling to spend cash on high end lip liner. Plus the twistable feature makes it a user friendly product. Do grab 'em if if its available in your local drugstore!

Take care! XOXO

Etude House Curl Fix Mascara Review (Brown)

Hola peeps!

I've had this mascara for quite some time now. For some odd reason I was never interested to write a review about it, until now. I have less than 5 mascara tubes mainly because mascara tend to expire earlier than most makeup. It should be disposed after 6 months and throwing out a tube full mascara with rancid smell is a bit of waste.

It received a lot of hype when it was first released with claims of 24hours wear and voluminous curls. I was not intrigued at all yet I bought it anyway since Etude House was having a 1+1 deal. 

It has ambitious claims ;

Curl the lashes

Fix the curls

No smudges

I appreciate the brown waves inked on the handle. Its so simple, not like the usual presentation by Etude House but nothing horrible. 

The bristles have two designs. Supposedly the flat side will give you a nice, evenly coated and separated lashes while the fat side will give a curling effect.

More info below.

Apparently, they called the bristles as jelly when its actually just a fancy term (again) for rubber. These bristles can hurt you. I swatch it on my hand and it was sharp af. It feels as if I'm pressing my skin against thumbnails. I'm aware of how sensitive the eyes are so take precautions please.

The swatch look glossy because it has not dried up yet. Its crazy intense brown but on the lashes it end up looking a lot lighter than its initial color. The product stick like a bulk on the bristles and at first I thought its gonna cause clumping. To my surprise it didn't. It deposited the product evenly and give a thick coat to the lashes. 

I tested both sides of the bristles and the fat side do add extra curls to my lashes. However I prefer using the flat side as I find it more convenient to apply due to my downturn eyes. Once it dries, my curls were pretty much glued. It does not sag nor smudge. Keep in mind that this harden hardcore, like a cement for lashes. Its to the point it hurts a little bit on the roots :O

It is sweat proof, water proof and didn't flake off even though I frequently touch my lashes. The bad part is removing them. It can only be removed with oil-based makeup remover and I took a good 5 mins to rub off everything. I have to rub pretty strong to iniate the removal and the process irritate the lashes roots :( It does not hurt that much but I can definitely feel it.

And that is why it never make it to my fav mascara. Its a genius invention but the formula is a bit off for my personal preference.

Have you tried this?? Do you like it??

Take care! XOXO 

February 2016 Favorites (Maybelline,Innisfree,NYX,etc)

Hello earthlings!

My February favs are all about rediscovering old items that REALLY performs well. I haven't bought anything new for this year because I'm currently saving some cash. So I use whatever I have which let's be honest, I have way more than a normal person should have haha.

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream (Original Version)

I've ran out of my regular sunscreen so I've been using this one as a substitute since it has SPF25/PA+++. Its quite low but better than nothing! Normally I also use it alone whenever I'm not in the mood to wear makeup. It does not really do anything other than UV protection, in fact I don't understand the purpose of this cream. I'm guessing its a makeup base. A little reminder, this is unsuitable for oily skin because of its heavy and thick texture which also makes it a bit sticky/shiny on the skin.

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

Trust me, 'face blur' is just a fancy term for PRIMER. Its texture is thin and lightweight, kind of like a liquified silicone. I thought this was a gimmick product but I was amazed when I tried it. I'm loving the fact that this do blur my pores and my makeup stays on longer. Plus the scent reminds me of baby lotion, it brings back nostalgic feelings. This has easily become my favorite primer of all time.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation

I reach for this when I want a foolproof good skin day. This can never go wrong. It does not feel heavy, it does cover my pores without primer and its finish is not too matte yet not too glossy for my liking. Its not tacky and it blends like a dream with the brush or damp sponge. This is a legit wonderful foundation for daily usage. If you have oily skin, you need this in your life!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is also my all time favorite item! It brighten up my undereyes immensely. Its a bit thick and I prefer blending it with a damp sponge. Its also a little drying if I were to compare it with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It really lasts once its set. It does not budge and crease. The price point is what makes it sooooo worth it. Its so affordable and yet it works like magic. 

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact

You can tell by its packaging that I use it a lot LOL. Its convenient to travel with due to its small size. Its perfect to set the face, undereyes and it also act as a mattifying powder because its finely milled texture. It feels so soft on the skin! The downside is that it can give white cast if used excessively so always keep that in mind.

 Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

I got this when I bought the Tarte Christmas Holiday Collection. There's nothing special with this mascara but I keep on reaching for it. Its wet formula makes it heavy and it cannot hold my curls. But I love the volume it gives and it does not smudge on my oily lids. I would not repurchase this once it dried up. Personally, I'm still on the quest to find my ultimate favorite mascara.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Of all eyebrow product, I love the powder formula the most because its easy to blend and dark enough for my black eyebrows. Sometimes pencil or twistable eyebrow pencil slip and slide on my brows probably due to the fact that I'm oily all over my face -____- Needless to say, the NYX eyebrow cake powder is affordable while doing wonders to my eyebrows. If I accidentally over applied (in which I always do), I can easily blend it with a spooly. I always have an option to go with a natural or fleeky brows with this product and that's just make me love it even more.

NYX Tinted Eyebrow Gel

I use this when I want my brows to look extra polished. I find that this gel is rather chunky and once deposited, its quite difficult to blend it. The trick is to use a LIGHT HAND with it. Its basically brushing lightly on the brow hairs without putting any pressure on the handle. It takes a bit practice but once I've mastered it, I thoroughly enjoy using it. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I wore this a ton and its still going strong! I have a weird pale lips and I look sick whenever I don't wear makeup so I always put on a tinted lip balm just to bring the life back into my expression. Its quite thick and sticky but I'm used to it that I keep on using it. Its also the only lip balm I own at the moment. It does moisturize my lips and this really helps because I tend to breath using my mouth unconsciously so my lips are prone to dryness.

Wearing my Feb favs ;)

So that's it guys. I really hope you find my post helpful and I'll see you next time!

Take care! XOXO

Must Have Alat Solek [Azwaa X Zalora MY]

Hi lovelies!

Makeup is versatile and there is an infinite possibility of exploring the art of makeup. Nowadays creative ideas are popping on Instagram and Youtube like madness! I've seen people use spoon to contour and draw their eyeliner and the latest craze, the spoon/hairbrush kinda brush that claims to blend your makeup faster and give flawless finish effortlessly. 

So today I'm gonna share with you my must have alat solek (Pardon for using my mother tongue language :P)

Beauty blender

This is the perfect tool to blend wet products like foundation and concealer. It provide the most natural finish by absorbing the excess product and even out the product beautifully. I find it perform the best when used as damp as its dry form is normally stiff. There are tons of dupes sold online with an affordable price.

Dual ended eyebrow brush

Brows are the real best friend to women. The right brows can frame the face and enhance your natural features. When I'm traveling, I always carry this brush in my makeup pouch. They're handy to draw and blend the eyebrow product so it appear soft and natural. Remember ladies, never ignore your brows! 

Mattifying pore pact
I have to have this in my makeup pouch. I have oily skin and by midday my face is a greasy mess. I always blot the greasy area to mattify it and freshen up my look. The finely milled powder also blur out my pores and since its translucent, it can be used by a variety of skin tone. Plus, its small size makes it easier to pack along and comparatively cheaper than the normal setting powders.

Lip balm

Lip balm is life because chapped lips ain't sexy. I have a severe pale lips so I always opt for a tinted balm but the colorless one will do as long as it moisturize my lips. It is also a quick way to polish up my look especially after drinks or meals with my buddies. Its much of a less hassle than applying a full on lipstick where I have to be precise and let's be honest, its time consuming :/

There you have it! My must have alat solek in my pouch :) Special thanks to Zalora for inviting me to do a collab. 

Tell me what's your must have alat solek in the comment below ;)

Take care. XOXO

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