✿ 4 in 1 Review - (Drugstore brand) IN2IT Eyeliners,Maybelline Blusher and Za Concealer ✿

Good day readers!

Drugstores in Malaysia has wide variety of brands to choose from (though Target is by far,the most impressive drugstore i've ever seen/heard in my life).I picked up a few items for the sake of trying 'em and making reviews.Of course some disappoint me while some work magically i feel like puking rainbows.

Im going to review 4 items in 1 entry because its too much of a work to do an individual review.Bear in mind,this one gonna be a long entry.

✿ Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 (Hot Pink) Review ✿

hello unicorns!

So finally,here comes the review of the highly raved tint from Etude House.So many bloggers reviewed on this product and i can sum up that it is an everyone's favourite tint.

Lets move on to the review,shall we?

✰ Missha Dual Eyetip in GL01 Review ✰

Aloha candies!

I got this product as a free gift from Sarah for buying her Peach Sake Pore BB cream.I've never own any Missha product,not even their infamous BB cream.So when she included this with my BB cream,i was delighted! :)

✰ Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in #2 Natural Beige Review ✰

Hello unicorns!

I've always wanted to try another Skinfood BB cream.The first and last one i've tried was the Skinfood Afternoon Tea BB cream.I love the BB cream but decided to sell it because i got bored out of it.So when i saw Sarah was selling her Peach Sake BB cream,i immediately contact her.

Though we were both busy with exam and assignments,we finally met and she even sent me back to my residential college all the way from the examination hall.Thanks Sarah!

p/s - this is a preloved item! 

The Faceshop Phytogenic Infinite Concealer Duo in NB25

Aloha cupcakes!

Another baby i got during the Christmas sale last year.And my aunt bought this for me (Kudos to my aunt!!) Get It Beauty featured The Faceshop Duo Concealer as the best concealer voted by the 'better girls'.I thought this is the concealer they were talking about.Turned out i was wrong,the one that was featured was from another line T__T whatever.

The Faceshop Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream Review

Hello unicorns!

This is like my first skincare product review in 2014. :) I got this baby during the Christmas sale,as usual they're having a buy 1 free 1 promotion.Actually my aunt bought this for me.So its like a christmas present?kekeke.

Anyway,i've been using this for almost a month so i figure now is a good time to review this before i use it up. 

The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Eyeshadow Review (03 Cocoa Powder and 13 Pink Aura)

Hello unicorns!

This post had been delayed for almost a month D: sorry,i was very busy with my final exam.I bought these eyeshadow during the christmas sale.The Faceshop had a buy one free one promotion.I have been eyeing for their eyeshadows for the longest time but never have the drive to actually buy it because im not a fan of eyeshadows.And yet i bought it out of curiousity. :D

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