✰ Missha Dual Eyetip in GL01 Review ✰

Aloha candies!

I got this product as a free gift from Sarah for buying her Peach Sake Pore BB cream.I've never own any Missha product,not even their infamous BB cream.So when she included this with my BB cream,i was delighted! :)


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I somehow adore the shade PK01 and WH01 cause i think it would make a beautiful highlighting shade.

Design and Packaging

Basically,its two product in one packaging ; a pencil liner and an eyeshadow.

The pencil liner comes in a matte dark brown shade.

The eyeshadow has a rounded sponge tip and it has a shimmery golden beige colour.

The eyeshadow was packed at the cap to make it easier to pick up the product.


Upon swatching,i noticed that the liner is so creamy and pigmented.
It was effortless.

I filled the heart with the golden beige shadow.
Its almost nude but still,the colour shows off better in reality.

Lightly would be underrated.
I actually rubbed it very very hard.

My Thoughts

First and foremost,i like the dual functionality of this pen.I also love how effortless it was to apply the pencil liner,it was so creamy and vivid.As for the eyeshadow,i love its pigmentation and the sparkles made it very suitable for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes.The only problem is that the rounded sponge tip makes it difficult for a precise application especially on the corner of my eyes.However,the swatch test was very disappointing,it can be easily removed by tissues so i assumed its not sweat proof. :/ what a shame.In fact i dont this product is water proof at all.So im still hesitating to wear this whenever im going out,much more using it for a daily basis.Maybe this will be solved by using primer but im still unsure.


Got this for free but i remember seeing this product was sold at 9 dollars at ebay with free shipping. :)

Who Would Love This?

I wont recommend this for anyone,unfortunately. :(




Lisha B. said...

oh boy! sad its such a dud. It looked so pretty though! :( I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
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Azwa Amanina said...

@Lisha B. Thanks Lisha! <3

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