✿ 4 in 1 Review - (Drugstore brand) IN2IT Eyeliners,Maybelline Blusher and Za Concealer ✿

Good day readers!

Drugstores in Malaysia has wide variety of brands to choose from (though Target is by far,the most impressive drugstore i've ever seen/heard in my life).I picked up a few items for the sake of trying 'em and making reviews.Of course some disappoint me while some work magically i feel like puking rainbows.

Im going to review 4 items in 1 entry because its too much of a work to do an individual review.Bear in mind,this one gonna be a long entry.
IN2IT Eyeliners

Waterproof Eyeliner in WS02 Dark Brown
In the past i have never thought to own eyeliners other than black,that is until i found out the brown one is much for natural and preferable for an everyday look.

This product is twistable and has a rubber band which i find very pleasant.It helps me to gain more control and prevent slipping because sometimes my palms can get sweaty.

I usually use this on the outer corner of my bottom lashes.Its texture is not creamy yet not hard,kinda right in between of them.

Though claimed waterproof,it still streak down just a liiiitle bit after 4-5 hours.Normally its not noticeable to the naked eyes but once you swipe with the makeup remover,its there.

Plus,the tip become blunt after several use so its hard to get that precise line you wanted but im okay with it.Its prone to happen,right?

Rate - 3.5/5

 Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in EPF01 Very Black

I picked this eyeliner pen because i was attracted with the shade 'very black',makes me wanna test whether is it realllly black or its just a gimmick.

First of all,I like the fibre tip (as mentioned in their official website).No i LOVE it.
I have never come across with such a wonderful tip like this one,its either they're too thin and gives out too little product or too thick and it gives out too much product in one stroke.
This one,ladies is just right.

It dries pretty quick and hardly smears.However after 5-6 hours the colour do fade out a little bit especially at the wing part.Nevertheless,using primer will solve this problem (hurrah!)

It also has this rubber band to give your more control during application.

Rate - 4.5/5 (lose 0.5 for the fading)

Maybelline BlushStudio Blush 'em in #4 I Love Pink!
I picked this blush because it looks promising and the colour is just so adorable!Plus,the shade itself is playful. :D

It was made of plastic case which i dont mind because it still look quite fashionable and not-too-cheap looking haha.

It has two shades of pink which i believe the light colour one could be use as a highlighter.Multifunctional eh?

The texture is so soft and its quite pigmented though it hardly shows up in my pictures (scroll down please).

I love this blush,this is like a perfect blush is you want the baby doll cheeks.Very natural and pretty. -3-

But it starts to fade away after 3-4 hours i guess so reapplication is a must!Even if i stayed the whole day in an air conditioned room,it still disappear. :(

Rate - 4/5

This brush is so-so.
Its too small for my liking!
Its stiff but still usable when im desperate. :P

Za Perfect Fit Concealer in #2
I crossed my finger when i picked this concealer because normally,im not good at picking up concealer shade.I just suck at it! :/

The good thing about this concealer is that it has a pointed tip as shown above.Its a lot easier to control the amount of product squeezed out.

The consistency of this product is a little bit runny and it feels light on skin.Its also very easy to blend away this product.

If i were to compare,this concealer is almost close to the Korean BB cream in term of texture and coverage.
(Which is not what im looking for in a concealer)

The coverage is medium and buildable but it may look cakey and unnatural though. (Swatch below)

Personally,i think it has a warm yellow undertone.

Rate - 3/5 


With and without the concealer.

Overall,the only product that disappoint me is the concealer but its expected lol.When it comes to concealer,i need help from professionals and always head to the high end shop like MAC or Bobbi Brown (but i cant afford it!)

Anyway,you've come this far and i thank you for reading this review till the end.

Full makeup using the reviewed products,

Excessive selfie alert! ahahaha


Mieza Everdeen said...

I used to only buy black eyeliners too, until I found the brown color BCL Makemania Data Gel Eyeliner. The good thing is that it is not the gel in the pot, it's just like you reviewed here. I have it reviewed on my blog ;) if you ran out of this In2It, maybe you wanna give Makemania Data a try ^_^

Kharn Yee said...

a very nature make up look, is pretty! :D

Azwa Amanina said...

@Mieza Everdeen where can i buy it though??I've never heard of it but i would really love to try it. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Kharn Yee Thanks Kharn Yee! <3

Anonymous said...

The above review is good but I hate the selfie part. Sorry! you should focus on your review part!

Steph said...

I like the shade of the blush! Looks great on everyday. I also want to try some ZA products, too bad the concealer cakes on you.. hmm, i might give it a pass.


Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous i'll keep that in mind!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Steph You should Steph,its pretty cheap too!

Chuen said...

The blush looks really pretty! But I also think that the brush is too small :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Chuen Yes,its in baby pink colour which looks so dollish -3-

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