✰ Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in #2 Natural Beige Review ✰

Hello unicorns!

I've always wanted to try another Skinfood BB cream.The first and last one i've tried was the Skinfood Afternoon Tea BB cream.I love the BB cream but decided to sell it because i got bored out of it.So when i saw Sarah was selling her Peach Sake BB cream,i immediately contact her.

Though we were both busy with exam and assignments,we finally met and she even sent me back to my residential college all the way from the examination hall.Thanks Sarah!

p/s - this is a preloved item! 


source - Ebay

This is not the official ad but its the best one i found.

Design and Packaging

This BB comes in an orangey 30ml tube (quite small).

I thought the cap was a REAL wood cap but I.Was.Wrong.
Its just a regular plastic tube sealed with a wooden-like sticker.
But i do appreciate the feeling it radiates by making me think its a wooden cap.


The first time i pumped out the BB,i was surprised that it is in the darker and warmer spectrum.
Most asian BB cream tend to have lighter and cool undertone.

My Thoughts

This BB cream has a thick texture which i find difficult to spread than my other BB creams.Other than that,i have no complaint.It brighten up my skin while maintaining its natural look.In fact,the product blend and match my skintone perfectly.Totally impressed! Without primer,it stays for maximum 4-5 hours before my face starts to 'feel' oily.So blotting paper is a must! I personally love the scent it radiates,kinda smell like your regular talc.I've only worn this once thus i cant remember whether it give a dewy or matte finish :/ 


I bought it for 20 MYR (pre-loved).It was sold for 8.99 USD (30 MYR) in Ebay.Very affordable.

Who Would Love This?

Unless you dont mind the difficulty to spread the BB,this might be your choice.

The korean makeup lover!




Sample Hime said...

after going from other BB creams I thought this one was a little harder to spread out but it's honestly not that bad if you prime your face with a soft CC cream. i think this has the best oil control of any BB i've ever used...this is definitely my favorite, especially because it's not grey at all.

Miss Ika said...

the packaging mmg comel.
its better kalau bb cream x sticky

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sample Hime really??i'll try layering it with a primer next time. :) thanks for the tip hime!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Miss Ika betul,kalau sticky rasa cam berminyak muka. :/

Lisha B. said...

I've heard fabulous stuff about Skinfood products. Sadaly its not available in my country. Loved ur well detailed review.I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
Also, I have an easy Valentine's Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide) running on my blog where you can win stunning accessories worth $25!. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥

Azwa Amanina said...

@Lisha B. You can buy online on site such as ebay,be careful of the fake cosmetics though! ;)

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