The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Eyeshadow Review (03 Cocoa Powder and 13 Pink Aura)

Hello unicorns!

This post had been delayed for almost a month D: sorry,i was very busy with my final exam.I bought these eyeshadow during the christmas sale.The Faceshop had a buy one free one promotion.I have been eyeing for their eyeshadows for the longest time but never have the drive to actually buy it because im not a fan of eyeshadows.And yet i bought it out of curiousity. :D


I failed to find any advertorial about these shadow but the link above pretty much shows all the available shades in the line.

Design and Packaging

Im pleased with the design and packaging.The transparent plastic case makes it easier for me to see the true shade of the product and the case was thin and flat so you could stack them up together. :)

I chose two different textures because i wanted to know how well the eyeshadows perform.Plus i dont have any matte brown eyeshadow,much more a pink eyeshadow (im not a fan,remember?)



My Thoughts

I love the pigmentation,seriously it look much much more vivid in real life rather than in pictures.But it stains my finger whenever i applied it bare handed.What a waste.It helps to stays a bit longer with eye primer.I wouldn't recommend you to use this without it :/ The cocoa powder shade is such a wonderful brown shade.I love it!The matte and silky texture makes it so easy to apply on my lid.I usually use this single shade on my double lids only.However the shimmery pink is a bit disappointed.After a few hours,it turns chalky and doesn't look flattering like the first time i applied it.But this would be a nice shade to top it up on the center of your lids. :D 


Its darn cheap,MYR 19.90.Plus there's the buy one free one promotion so its a total SAVING. :D

Who Would Love This?

Eyeshadow lover.



I finished my exam!! :D

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