❤ Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Review ❤

Hello unicorns! 

I bought this trio eyeshadow as a self treat for my birthday from Princess Beauty Shop (facebook).I also bought the infamous fresh cherry tint that was highly raved by korean cosmetics enthusiast.The seller was selling this eyeshadow for a very cheap price since she's doing a clearance stock sale. :)
Product Advertorial

Instead of using 'dark brown' term,Etude House decided to use 'cacao 45%.65% and 98% respectively.
*genius to be honest*


It looks like real chocolate yummy yummy -3-

This product use the sliding cover concept for its packaging which makes the chocolate concept look more realistic rather than using the flipping plastic cover.

close up of the English section *cos we all dont know hangul lmao*

This is where pictures can be deceiving.

Looking back at the advertisment,i seriously thought that that eyeshadow casing were made out of metal but I WAS WRONG.It was 90% cardboard material while only the eyeshadow pan were made of metal.

So its very suspectible to dent at the corner of the box,even the whole product itself!


Texture and Scent

Its a combination of three matte eyeshadows.I noticed the texture is very smooth (silky) just like described in the advertorial.Further i love the engraving on the product htough it makes me hesitate to use it haha.

The manufacturing date is on the back side of the eyeshadow casing.


My Thoughts

The eyeshadows were all pigmented and opaque (in a good way).The pigmentation is also buildable once on the lid.It surprised me because this trio eyeshadow work so well.In term of fallout,they do fallout but very minimal and i only experienced this with the cacao 98%.I have been wearing this for a few days to my class and it looks natural and subtle on my lids yet pigmented at the same time.I wore this trio on top of concealer only and it stays put for almost 6-7 hours!Imagine how oily my lids get by that time >.< The packaging,though very low quality but the concept intrigued me hoho and yes,its still adorable as the other Etude products.In my opinion,the cacao 45% can only be a base instead of a highlighter on your brow bone.Besides,its not a flattering shade for a highlighter.The texture is very smooth as claimed in the advertorial.This is a good product for a beginner to start with when it comes to eyeshadows.


I bought this for 30 MYR.I looked up for this product in Ibuybeauti and it was sold for 20$ which roughly is 60MYR.I was lucky because the seller was doing a clearance stock sale yeay!Im not sure how much is its retail price mainly because i've never seen it at the outlet except for the very first the sweet recipe collection was launched in Malaysia.But i bet its more expensive than the online price.

Who Would Love This?

Beginners who wish to use eyeshadows.The colours are great to start with!

Korean makeup fan.

Anyone who love to wear eyeshadow on daily basis.



What is your favourite trio eyeshadow?


Seereena R said...

OMG i love to try this out ! thanks for reviewing it !


Sakuranko said...

I don´t have a fav trio but I love it the palette from Sleek!

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Sample Hime said...

I've been wanting this but I can never find it anywhere anymore! Etude eyeshadows seem to go so quickly.

Mizu chan said...

Hi Azwa,

I tag you for Versatile Blogger Award


Azwa Amanina said...

@Seereena R you're welcom seereena :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sakuranko i always wanted to buy the sleek palette but i keep on pushing it downwards my list :D

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sample Hime yes yes,but ibuybeauti is still selling it.you should check it out. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Mizu chan thanks mizu!! <3

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Inge Lakawa said...

cute colors ^^ and nice packaging :D i'd love to try

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Sarah Chow said...

Happy New Year sweetie! :)

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