Etude House Baby Doll Puff Review


I bought this puff along with the Cooling Cushion and Water Color Blusher and Serum CC.Beauty blender is popular nowadays,almost every online shop sell it.I heard the genuine one cost you about sixty bucks :O I remember watching bubzbeauty video and she mentioned this particular 'puff' is her favourite.
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Surprisingly i cant find any ads from google image T_T


The gourd lady is adorable! -3- 

I think Etude has only pink puff,no other colour.

It fits nicely in my hand.


I have never own a beauty blender before so im unable to make a precise comparison.

From my experience,the puff helps to spread the product evenly and thinly on my face.I honestly love the result it gave on my skin.I have never try wetting the sponge yet because i ain't have time for thattttt lol.Normally i use the pointed sponge to apply around my nose area and concealer under my eyes.Putting concealer has never been this easy before! I also dot the bb cream on my face first before blending it with the puff.From time to time,i advice you to wash this puff because it can easily stain and it doesn't look nice :P
Surprisingly,it didn't absorb my product as claimed by other bloggers.I still use the same proportion of bb cream as before and it still enough to camouflage any redness or pores.Thumbs up for that!


I bought this for 29 MYR.I've seen other unbranded beauty blender sold for 9.90 MYR but i chose this puff because of the cutesy packaging and good reviews from the other bloggers.Still,this puff is the cheaper version of the genuine beauty blender.

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Anyone who wanted to try the beauty blender but cant afford it.



final exam is coming!!


Uni FrankieRose Uni said...

I saw a lots of this kind of product going round and round but never really know how to use it >...<

from FrankieRoseUni

Diana Wanawin said...

di mana ko beli nie? hoho

Azwa Amanina said...

@Uni FrankieRose Uni ikr right >.< but there's a lot of YT video on how to wear this puff. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Diana Wanawin d fb jak.cuba ko check review innisfree serum cc sy,ada tu sy post link sana.

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