Etude House Water Color Blusher in #4 Lilac Review

Good day everyone!

This blusher may seem a lil' bit intimidating and out of most people's comfort zone but I honestly have been using it for the past weeks.

I originally saw this blusher featured in Get It Beauty for the baby face makeup and i was impressed with the effect it provided.So i decided to buy it through the same seller from my Innisfree Serum CC Review.
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Similar to the Etude House Sun Prise Primer,it has a metal tube but plastic cover which is flat in shape so it can stand perfectly on its own.The shade itself were printed in front which is convenience and attractive :P


I didn't realized the pictures were not focused T_T

Tried and Tested

My Thoughts

First,the texture is not viscous.It doesn't exactly look like 'water' blusher but it definitely is light textured.The packaging is okay except i squeezed out too much product the first time i use it T_T what a waste.Becareful when you're squeezing ladies and gentleman.The color pay off is satisfying depending on how much you wanted the product to appear on your skin.Normally a pea size is enough for your cheeks but the result would be really subtle.However if packed on,it still can appear natural and subtle.It wont give you that opaque pigmented finish.Its matte finish hurray!!!The color fade away after 4-5 hours even with primer.So you'll need to touch up after a few hours,not a problem anyway since the blusher itself is small in size. :D Its currently my go-to product.


I bought it for 30 MYR whilst the retail price is 39.90 MYR if im not mistaken.Its affordable but for a small blusher like this one,i'd rather wait two weeks for 30 MYR rathern than spending 40 MYR haha.

Who Would Like This?

Blusher maniac

Anyone who wanted to try the baby face look -3-

Anyone who's looking for a cheap yet pigmented and satisfying liquid blusher.



Happy Saturday everyone!


Sample Hime said...

I like these because I tend to use too much blush with powder...this one is good because I can control it better I think. I just followed you dear =) come see my blog if you want <a href=">here</a>

Anonymous said...

where did you get yours for 30 MYR? i've been looking everywhere for this of course in cheaper price :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous I bought it from this shop :) hope it helps!

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