☮ Peripera Fairy Love Tint Glow Stick #3 Windy Love Review ☮


I bought this at Sasa Midvalley like a week ago.I was surprised this Love Fairy collection has successfully reach Malaysia.Kudos to Sasa for bringing more Peripera's latest product,not the same old Mari Kim collaboration product heee.

This collection was introduced back in spring 2013 and its already winter now -___- im so outdated mannn.
Product Advertorial

credits - atfirstwink.com

The tint glow stick comes in 5 shades of pink (pinkness overload!!).Honestly #3 looks almost the same as #5 i cannot see any difference!Further,#5 looks totally looks completely different on lips compared to the swatch on the first ad.I admit the colours are pwetty and shuweet i feel like buying them all. =3=


As adorable as it looks,the packaging actually looks or at least feel cheap.The main reason contributing to the cheap factor is the plastic cap.The translucent cap looks like it was made from a low quality plastic as well as the overall design.Nevertheless,I love the artsy aspect included in this product.

The pink colour is so bright and bold!

Texture and Scent

No sh*t guys,it smells like bubblegum!

My Thoughts

Initially,i thought its a regular lip balm though the product clearly called 'tint' because the first time i swatched it on the back of my hand,it looks rather pale pink like an ordinary balm.However i noticed it change to a deeper pink shade after 2-3 seconds and finally sets as the colour shown in the advertorial.This mean the advertorial is relying true information to us girls haha.It gives a glossy finish (which can feel like moisturizing),sometimes i'll blot my lips cos the glossiness is too much for my liking.The staying power is ahmayzing!I thought since its a stick tint rather than a liquid tint,it would fade much faster but i was wrong.It stays like it was glued on my lips though i've eaten and drink.Better,the colour remain as intense as it is at the center of my lips.However it do fade at the corner of your lips but then,tints are supposed to be at the center of the lips right? :D 


I bought this for 45.90 MYR.Quite pricey compared to their water tint which can cost as low as 20++ MYR nowadays.Probably due to the fact that its a new collection.I definitely think online purchase will be cheaper.

Who Would Love This?

Tint lover!

Pink maniac!gosh the colour is so pretty im gonna die lol.

You would love this if you think wearing liquid tint is tedious plus it stain your finger!



Have you tried any peripera product before?


Life's like this ♥ said...

The color looks pretty! I love peripera hahha!! Nice review! Enjoy reading it!

followed your blog :)


Jess said...

Lovely colours, I really like the packaging. It is shame that it feels cheap.


Azwa Amanina said...

@Life's like this ♥ thanks lizzie!and thanks for buying my cosmetics :D

Azwa Amanina said...

@Jess me too!its cute~at least the product itself is awesome! :) go get 'em gurl! <3

Azwa Amanina said...

@Jess me too!its cute~at least the product itself is awesome! :) go get 'em gurl! <3

Sample Hime said...

I've got #4 and it looks nothing like the swatch...it's more like a coral pink but not really? Idk these swatches are sooo wrong hahaha...I want to try all the rest though just to see.

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