△ Day 1 - Efforts △

Hugs and Kisses.

As promised,this will be the very first entry for my 7DOO project.

You reap what you sow

For every action,there is an equal reaction

You get exactly what you deserve for at the moment,now.I believe hard work will never betray me.

However,sometimes i took things for granted.I simply dispose my priority just because i thought i have enough time.Truth is,there is time but it is not enough.Then i would feel guilty and start re-prioritize then dispose it again and again.

Every day im bombarded with so-called stuffs to do when in reality i spend most of my time on the internet and sleeping.I tell myself 'ok i'll do this after i ______' but i find that once i procastinate,it would be hard to keep on track.Worse,i hardly done anything to force myself to get things done in the first place.I indulge myself,convincing myself it would be done 'later'.

Because most of us are so used to mediocrity we think its ok to just pass the tests,its ok to get at least a 3.0 pointer,saying exams are not everything and not a way of life,its ok to be stagnant,to keep things just the way they are but really,deep inside we all know we can change,if only we put just a little more effort and faith.

Of course,some people hardly make any effort but they get all the gold and glory but to compare yourself with another human being is a great mistake.We are all different,and Allah always has His way of giving you lessons.Things may look pretty bad now but it will get better because eventually it all come back to you,how you handle and cope with the situation.

Don just blindly doubled your effort without a plan.Its like covering your eyes while you're playing golf.If you're a student,dont simply burn the midnight oil by studying alone,trying to understand bits of fact by yourself.It wont work,trust me.I've been there.Ask your friend to explain,you would be surprise how glad they are to help and teach you.Do a study group instead of sitting alone in the corner,pretending like you could digest the whole book by yourself.That's foolish.

You'll be surprised how little effort could give a big impact on your daily progress.Im in no position to brag but personally,i could see the changes myself.I feel good of myself whenever i realized i made effort to do something,no matter how little it was.

So,i want to encourage you to at least give effort to anything you do right now,just a little more than you usually give.

Be it your school project,

your assignments,thesis,

your tests,exams,

to lose weight,

your interviews,hobbies.


Give it a try.

anyway,i just upload a new video.

Orangie Summer Look

7 Days of Optimism,Etude House Collection,Korea University International Summer Camp,The Baddest Female

hello cupcakes.

I normally don't cramp stuffs(?) in one entry but this just had to be done.The 7DOO has been in my mind since yesterday and i fear i might forgot this as i put it on KIV.I also wanted to share my Etude House Collection so far since my friend is curious,too bad she could only sees it once im home thus why im uploading it here. :') Alsooooo i attended Korea University ISC today with my friends and i received a souvenir and a gift -3-

7 Days of Optimism

I'll be making one entry per day in conjuction to my final exam,starting tomorrow.I want to encourage myself to work harder and reflect on my previous efforts as well as what i've been through so far to remind me that i survived ohhh yeahhh.I am determine to finish this project once i started just to make myself feel good and accomplished.

Etude House Collection

So far this is all my Etude House Collection.i've marked the items that worth buying.Seriously,no regret! Some of it is a waste of money and it was simply pushed aside.Seriously,no more BB cream.  -___-

Korea University International Summer Camp Talk

Today,me Sopia and Zarif went to a talk at Canseleri.I skipped my tutorial guys -___- The talk is about this summer camp at KU and it sounds fun and fascinating except that the monthly life cost there is roughly 2500 USD.what the hell? :/ thats mean RM 8750 a month maigaddddddd.The hostel fee itself cost around 950 USD = RM 3325.They do provide a small sum of money though but it was far from enough.

they said.

However,the programme itself is intensive and it will a valuable experience. :') every friday there will be a trip - concerts,shopping,visiting,etc.Each class is 100 minutes long.I hope i could go there soon.

I won a prize for answering a question.I got the first question wrong and i was somehow embarassed lol.Thank god i redeemed myself muahahaha.

a pendrive guys!!! =3=

The Baddest Female (Nappun Gizibe) MV - CL Debut

I am totally hooked with this song.Feisty! Im so happy she finally has her own single.She deserve one.I hope she will continue to pursue her passion and bring a lots of fierce song lol.


Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow in #1 Light Beige

hello cupcakes.

This is my current eyebrow maker.I hardly use it since i have a naturally thick brows.I bought this at Watsons sale.It has been in the market for awhile but i didn't start to shape my brows until recently (during my college's dinner).

I guess i was drawn to it because i've seen so many pretty light-colored brows hehe,especially the korean. :P It was written in Japanese all over but luckily the distributor paste on a translation on the backside.It comes with a plastic metal looking case.I was deceived :O

Lightest color (left) = nose shaping (i dont really see the effect though) 
Middle = along the brow
Right = 1/3 of the outer brow

It comes with a dua (mini) brush.Personally,i have nothing against it.


This is suitable for a light haired ladies with a thin brow *nods* 


i feel like my energy was somehow drained... -____-

La La Laneige

hello cupcakes. 

Aku jumpa contest ni kat Nuffnang.Boleh pula aku ter 'missed' contest seperti ini.Start 20 Mac,hari ni dah tanggal 27,tarikh tutup 30 Mac -O- Terasa cam nak buat entri ni guna bahasa padahal semua orang bajet guna English huhu.

Mengikut syarat,aku kena bagitau apa produk Laneige yang aku suka.Dah aku dok klik-klik website Laneige Malaysia,aku jumpa ni.

Aku kalau pore solution,pore range ke memang ke situ la dulu fokus aku.Sebab muka aku ni jenis berminyak,dari jauh boleh nampak pores aku kat pipi dengan hidung -____- Dah macam-macam aku try - nose pack,pakai mask seminggu sekali,guna toner ngan moiturizer bagai tapi pores aku ni kaw kaw gitewww.

Aku dengar banyak review bagus pasal Laneige ni,tambah-tambah lagi brand ni dari Korea kannn.Tengok model Laneige,Song Hye Kyo meleleh air liur.Tak payah Photoshop kauuuu.Macam Snow White. :')

agak-agak bila aku bleh dapat glowing skin mcm kak Hye Kyo ni T__T

Ni produk penjagaan kulit yang aku cam berkenan sikit banyak.

dari kiri,

1. Pore Tightening Essence - untuk ketatkan dan memperkecil pores
2. Pore Clearing Essence - untuk buang kulit mati dan benda asing yang menyebabkan pores tersumbat
3. Pore Deep Clearing Foam - untuk mengawal pengeluaran sebum yang menyebabkan kulit berminyak
4. Pore Minimizing Pack - untuk ketatkan pores

Hah kau,bukan satu benda tapi satu set aku suka.Tamak?

Nak tau apa kosmetik Laneige aku suka?

Dual Pot (Love Recipe)

Aku jatuh cinta dengan Dual Pot ni lepas aku tengok video Pearypie kat Youtube.Aku cam 'wahhhh aku pun nak juga' tapi aku takda masa lagi nak kuar pegi skodeng kat Midvalley.Dual Pot ni multi purpose,boleh tempek kat bibir jadi lipstick,tempek kat mata jadi eyeshadow,tempek kat pipi jadi blusher,paling best boleh jadi concealer gak.memang perghhhhh.

Aku tak pasti berapa shade yang ada,aku masukkan yang aku berkenan saja muahaha.Aku nak #2 dengan #3 sebab aku dah bosan ngan mekap kaler pink ni hoho.Sekarang kan dah nak summer,warna orange tengah hot cewahhh nak juga bajet summer kat Malaysia ni lols.Tau tak warna purple actually boleh buat kulit kita macam 'glowing and healthy'??Warna kuning tu pulak tutup cela (concealer).

Aku tak harap pon menang,asal dapat sponsor next time boleh la eh.

Link - Laneige K-Beauty Blogger Contest

okbai! =3=

Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream in #W13 Natural Beige

Hello cupcakes. =3=

its been a few days since my last update.My final exam is around the corner and i need to maximize my time for stu(dying) haha.This is my newest BB Cream at the moment and its also from the Precious Mineral range.I think I have bought all of Etude House BB Cream under this range. :O

This BB Cream arrived together with my Sun BB here and here .

Im still looking for the best way to present(?) or write my reviews so please bear with the changes readers.

am i the only one noticing the 'do you want to BE girl group skin'?muehehe.

Etude House claimed that
  • this is their best selling Precious Mineral BB Cream 
  • Paraben,Artificial dyes and Benzophenone Free.
Im a chemistry student,i know what benzophenone and paraben are.do your research k!
  • It has also been featured in Get It Beauty,a beauty show in South Korea.

Moving on to my review.


This BB Cream comes with a 60g tube and a pump,as usual.I think this one is much much girlish than the other BB Cream. :) Usually the color used for BB Cream's packaging is solid white but this one comes with a soft,pastel(?) white.

Comparison With The Other Precious Mineral BB Cream

height = 14.5 cm
weight = 60 g
from left ; All Day Strong in Sheer Glowing Skin,Bright Fit in #W13 Natural Beige,Cotton Fit in #W13 Natural Beige

sometimes people called in Cotton Fix instead of Cotton Fit.


In a nutshell,

Image source - Google

Lee Hyori For Cosmopolitan 2013

good morning readers! *0030*

I just cant..

I cant even..

The set is perfect.

Her outfits are splendid.

Her makeup is sexy.

In short,GLO fuging RIOUS.

Its been awhile since i've seen a magnificent,jaw dropping and unique photoshoot. *crying a bucket* 

This just has to be featured in my blog for reference purpose.

This structured dress is a win! I will devote some time googling this dress.It looks so comfortable to the naked eyes and the bagginess is just right for Hyori's shape. =3= The nude color makes her look innocent-yet-sexy woman hehe.Pair it with a skinny and you're good to go.

Summer is coming soon so i predicted there will be alot more loud and vibrant colors will be featured in the coming issue.This is kind of a warm up and give you ideas of what's in the store soon.

30's is the new 20's (y)

k,night fellas!

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

hello cupcakes!

I've written an entry about my arrived parcel and im eager to make a review on my new BB Cream =3= This BB cream has never been on my wishlist because of its price.However,recently it was on sale so i decided to purchase it out of curiousity.

To be safe,i bought the middle shade, #W13 Natural Beige.

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream is suitable for Malaysian since this country is summer all year long :P *be jealous uhuk uhuk* It has SPF 50++,a sponge applicator and comes in a compact tube (35ml).

This is a rather old range it was released during Sandara's era with Shinee.I LOVE DARA!! *fangirling* 


I am impressed with the new packaging concept.It was made of rigid plastic and rounded on the edge.This is the only unique packaging among all the BB Cream released under the Precious Mineral range.However,its size is much smaller compared to the others.

Initially,i thought the idea of having a sponge applicator was cool.But once i unpack the BB cream,i found out that the content was already pooling inside the cover (check the picture below).I absolutely have no idea how to clean this mess without disposing all the BB cream inside the cover. :'( Maybe this happened due to the difference in the air pressure during the delivery,which is a natural cause so im not really upset.


1. my skintone drastically change and its only one layer.
2. my dark circles are still visibile
3. my friend said i look pale/unhealthy lols.i suggest you should wear this with lip balm/tint/blusher
4. it covers minor redness and blemishes
5. its too pricey O___O 108.90 MYR -> at Etude Outlets.
6. i think im traumatized to purchase any BB cream with sponge.


My Parcel Has Arrived From Korea!!!


I retrieved my parcel from the office just now.My heart literally skipped a beat when i saw the clerk took out a pink box from the cabinet =3= SO EXCITED MAN!!

This is my first time purchasing from Malaysian Korea Cosmetics Shopping and the items were sent directly from Korea.I repeat,DIRECTLY from Korea.I was a bit worried with the extra tax,lost parcel,stucked at the kastam and such but it has arrived safely.The duration was surprisingly fast,1 week (shipped from Korea on 9th of May,reached my college on 15th of May).The seller told me it normally took 3-4 weeks for an item to arrived. =3=

pink box gitewww i loike. :P

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream in #W13 Natural Beige
Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream in #W13 Natural Beige

Honestly,i think the Sun BB Cream is too expensive whenever i went to Etude House Outlet ; 108.90 MYR =___= But i managed to save almost 50++ MYR by online purchasing.Cotton Fit is also not available at Etude House Times Square,which i predict will cost about 89.90 MYR if it is available.However,I save 40++ MYR by online purchasing too. =3= The sad part is that my Sun BB Cream already squirted out T__T literally a pool of BB Cream inside the cover *sigh* 

Overall,im happy with the service provided and I will certainly re-purchase from Malaysian Korea Cosmetics Shopping. :) Check 'em out!

The seller is friendly,she answered all of my questions directly and promptly (no 'bunga-bunga' lol) and the customers are all super fast.sekejap saja sudah sold out T____T kalau ready stock memang AKAN habis.

p/s - 10 BB Creams already :O 

Holika Holika Pearly Eye Crayon in #01 Pearly Gold

hi cupcakes!

Recently (last week),i went to Holika Holika to hunt for pen eyeliner.I also bought a concealer and this eye crayon.i almost bought their new Moist BB Cushion.It looks sooooo tempting eventhough the price is RM100. ;_____; praise to Allah i didn't buy it.

However i bought their pearly eye crayon.It was much more expensive (RM32++) compared to Tony Moly eye crayon which was only RM19++ if im not mistaken.But i was rushing so i just buy whatever was available at the moment.

This eye crayon can be used as a/an..

1. eyeshadow ( i prefer as an eyeshadow base)
2. eyeliner
3. highlighter (for the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone)

Pilot Test

This eye crayon is creamy,it glides smoothly on my skin.Since its 'pearly' it has a shimmering effect,perfect for a night events.The gold color looks natural instead of the typical over shimmering gold makeup hehe.

I have no complain with this eye crayon since i've not use it quite often (yet). :)

thanks for reading! ;)

CLIO Kill Black Pen Eyeliner (Sandara Park Version)

hello cupcakes!

Last weekend i had officially became a freelance makeup artist lol,minus the payment.Because for now i just wanted to gain experience and such,surprisingly i dont mind about the payment at all.I'll attach the photo at the end of this entry ^____^

Anyway,i bought this pen liner because my CLIO Kill Slim Pen Eyeliner is such a disappointment :/ I need to save every second i could so using gel liner seems to take time.Therefore,i went to Times Square to hunt for a good pen eyeliner.I also bought a few items which i will do reviews soon.

Just like the Kill Slim,it comes in a box.It was slightly bigger since it has free mascara.

 The Pen eyeliner is 12.5cm in height.
Contrary to the Kill Slim,the cover of the eyeliner for Kill Black has some kind of spring in it.I dont see any benefits or disappointment with it though.

The pen eyeliner has a narrow tip but Kill Slim is much much more narrow.See the difference below.
For the mascara,it has the same c-shaped like my Maybelline Magnum Volume Express.I have not tried it yet.

Kill Black

Kill Slim

Pilot Test

 Personally,i like this one much more than the Kill Slim.why?

1. It is easier to handle since slimmer tip requires time to build the thickness.
2. The tip did not dry out easily.This pen eyeliner is consistent.
3. The tip is till thin enough to reach the gap on my upper eyelash.
4. Although it is pricey,it comes with a free mascara.

see,pricey ooo~or is it just me?

Miscellanous 1

Last week,i agreed to swap my Hada Labo Air  BB Cream with a fellow Friendlyfashion.my user. :) apparently,she's also a student in UM and living in KK9. :) long story short,she came to deliver the items we agreed to swap (picture upwards) and she was sooooooooo nice she gave me the MUA eyeshadow for free! =3= Thank you Sarah.

p/s - will do reviews soon.

Miscellanous 2

This is what i talked about earlier,my first customer(?) was none other than my fellow coursemate,Sopia. :)

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