Holika Holika Pearly Eye Crayon in #01 Pearly Gold

hi cupcakes!

Recently (last week),i went to Holika Holika to hunt for pen eyeliner.I also bought a concealer and this eye crayon.i almost bought their new Moist BB Cushion.It looks sooooo tempting eventhough the price is RM100. ;_____; praise to Allah i didn't buy it.

However i bought their pearly eye crayon.It was much more expensive (RM32++) compared to Tony Moly eye crayon which was only RM19++ if im not mistaken.But i was rushing so i just buy whatever was available at the moment.

This eye crayon can be used as a/an..

1. eyeshadow ( i prefer as an eyeshadow base)
2. eyeliner
3. highlighter (for the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone)

Pilot Test

This eye crayon is creamy,it glides smoothly on my skin.Since its 'pearly' it has a shimmering effect,perfect for a night events.The gold color looks natural instead of the typical over shimmering gold makeup hehe.

I have no complain with this eye crayon since i've not use it quite often (yet). :)

thanks for reading! ;)

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