Etude House BB Lotion,BB Cream,Eye Cream and Lipstick Review (Part A)

hello readers!

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Today i'll be doin multiple review because of my time restriction. (sebenarnya malas) :D and this time i edited my pictures heavily simply because im going for a cutie theme (lol?) 

Im actually gonna do another entry,the Part B because i've brought new babies. *roll eyes* but im planning to sell some of it because i need money for GD's OOAK concert. :O

What i will review

1. Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK003
2. Shini Star BB Lotion
3. Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong in #2 Sheer Glowing Skin
4. Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist
5. Lovely Cookie Blusher in #5 Apricot Pudding

The packaging is not overwhelming (with cuteness of course) but its still adorable.I like the color combination - pink and skyish blue,makes my hand always drawn to this product unconsciously.It comes with a pump which i found user-friendly (not to stiff or vice versa).I usually wear this BB lotion as a base before applying a BB Cream/foundation.

im thrilled/excited with the concept of BB lotion but i presume the coverage will be light and i didn't expect much from this one.I advice this product for ladies who has fair skin and smooth complexion.whoops,the one with BB lotion is on your right side hehe.It has nice fragrance too.I bought this on sale promotion.Without sale,its a bit pricey and too much for a 30 g BB Lotion to cost you 45.90 MYR *nods* Did I mentioned that this BB Lotion is a SHINEE Special Edition?

Its classy,vintage and retro.Its quite bulky (60 g) and consume a large space in my makeup bag.I think its about 90 MYR but this is a second hand BB cream so i bought it cheaply.The seller own lots of BB cream too.The shall i say this?i srayed the BB cream because the pump refused to cooperate.

When they say 'All Day Strong',they really mean it.Ladies,i present you the most thug BB Cream i've ever met. :P Once,i wear this BB cream on early morning,went to shopping for the whole day and i have dancing class on the same night.I was late so i went to the dance studio without cleansing my face.I was utterly shocked to see the BB cream didn't wear off or even budge off my skin,and my face was drenched with sweat!

Which is why i recommend you to buy this if you're a sweaty,adventurous type of lady.

Cutie pie packaging.i've been dying to own this since i realized my dark circle is getting worse.At first glance,you'll think its a little girl's toy hehe.I like the moisture it provides to my eyes.My wrinkles are greatly reduced ever since i started wearing this but my dark cirles failed to cease *sigh* I recommend this ladies with minor dark cirles.I apply it everyday,every single time i felt like it. :D the price is 45.90 MYR.

My very first Etude House Lipstick. :') I bought for my dinner event and wear this on the event.I love the colour,Its actually soft pink on my lips.

something like this.

Yes I had trouble with the cover,like its stucked or something but nothing serious.It has creamy texture and glowy finish.whenever i eat or drink,i have to re-apply the lipstick.The lipstick has plenty of colour to be choose from but during Etude House 5th annivesary,everything almost sold out. -.- 

Last but not least,the coral blusher.I didn't do any swatches because my naked eyes cant see it,so do the camera -.- sorry guys.The colour is on my cheeks are sheer,i usually top it up with my The Balm blusher.Its a bit pricey,35.90 MYR.but the sponge is uber cute! i love it!  

Stay tuned for more Etude House review! xoxo.

p/s - this is my 401st entries!


Syazana Abd Rahim said...

which website did u get that 2nd hand bb cream from? Share pls? Hihik!

Azwa Mislan said...

@Syazana Abd Rahimhi syazana,i got it from a website i have my own account there too where i sell my preloved items. ;)

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