Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream in #W13 Natural Beige

Hello cupcakes. =3=

its been a few days since my last update.My final exam is around the corner and i need to maximize my time for stu(dying) haha.This is my newest BB Cream at the moment and its also from the Precious Mineral range.I think I have bought all of Etude House BB Cream under this range. :O

This BB Cream arrived together with my Sun BB here and here .

Im still looking for the best way to present(?) or write my reviews so please bear with the changes readers.

am i the only one noticing the 'do you want to BE girl group skin'?muehehe.

Etude House claimed that
  • this is their best selling Precious Mineral BB Cream 
  • Paraben,Artificial dyes and Benzophenone Free.
Im a chemistry student,i know what benzophenone and paraben your research k!
  • It has also been featured in Get It Beauty,a beauty show in South Korea.

Moving on to my review.


This BB Cream comes with a 60g tube and a pump,as usual.I think this one is much much girlish than the other BB Cream. :) Usually the color used for BB Cream's packaging is solid white but this one comes with a soft,pastel(?) white.

Comparison With The Other Precious Mineral BB Cream

height = 14.5 cm
weight = 60 g
from left ; All Day Strong in Sheer Glowing Skin,Bright Fit in #W13 Natural Beige,Cotton Fit in #W13 Natural Beige

sometimes people called in Cotton Fix instead of Cotton Fit.


In a nutshell,

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Chloris said...

Hi =) Hows the oil control of this BB cream? is it really suitable for oily skin? You prefer this or Sun BB cream? I have very oily skin and hope to buy a bb cream so i wanted to hear people's comment on it, hope you can answer me, thanks ~! =D

Azwa Amanina said...

@Chloris Hi,i think the oil control is reasonable since i myself has an oily skin and i never suffer blemishes or break outs after i put this on.I TOTALLY prefer this than the Sun BB.Though Sun BB has a cooling effect,i have a terrible experience with the sponge applicator.Plus,i feel like its burdensome to detach the sponge just so i can clean it.I hope this helps. :)

Chloris said...

Ok thanks a lots~

Anonymous said...

hye.. how much price for this bb cream, and how to order.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous Hello,i bought it from an online shop in FB.

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