Lee Hyori For Cosmopolitan 2013

good morning readers! *0030*

I just cant..

I cant even..

The set is perfect.

Her outfits are splendid.

Her makeup is sexy.

In short,GLO fuging RIOUS.

Its been awhile since i've seen a magnificent,jaw dropping and unique photoshoot. *crying a bucket* 

This just has to be featured in my blog for reference purpose.

This structured dress is a win! I will devote some time googling this dress.It looks so comfortable to the naked eyes and the bagginess is just right for Hyori's shape. =3= The nude color makes her look innocent-yet-sexy woman hehe.Pair it with a skinny and you're good to go.

Summer is coming soon so i predicted there will be alot more loud and vibrant colors will be featured in the coming issue.This is kind of a warm up and give you ideas of what's in the store soon.

30's is the new 20's (y)

k,night fellas!

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