7 Days of Optimism,Etude House Collection,Korea University International Summer Camp,The Baddest Female

hello cupcakes.

I normally don't cramp stuffs(?) in one entry but this just had to be done.The 7DOO has been in my mind since yesterday and i fear i might forgot this as i put it on KIV.I also wanted to share my Etude House Collection so far since my friend is curious,too bad she could only sees it once im home thus why im uploading it here. :') Alsooooo i attended Korea University ISC today with my friends and i received a souvenir and a gift -3-

7 Days of Optimism

I'll be making one entry per day in conjuction to my final exam,starting tomorrow.I want to encourage myself to work harder and reflect on my previous efforts as well as what i've been through so far to remind me that i survived ohhh yeahhh.I am determine to finish this project once i started just to make myself feel good and accomplished.

Etude House Collection

So far this is all my Etude House Collection.i've marked the items that worth buying.Seriously,no regret! Some of it is a waste of money and it was simply pushed aside.Seriously,no more BB cream.  -___-

Korea University International Summer Camp Talk

Today,me Sopia and Zarif went to a talk at Canseleri.I skipped my tutorial guys -___- The talk is about this summer camp at KU and it sounds fun and fascinating except that the monthly life cost there is roughly 2500 USD.what the hell? :/ thats mean RM 8750 a month maigaddddddd.The hostel fee itself cost around 950 USD = RM 3325.They do provide a small sum of money though but it was far from enough.

they said.

However,the programme itself is intensive and it will a valuable experience. :') every friday there will be a trip - concerts,shopping,visiting,etc.Each class is 100 minutes long.I hope i could go there soon.

I won a prize for answering a question.I got the first question wrong and i was somehow embarassed lol.Thank god i redeemed myself muahahaha.

a pendrive guys!!! =3=

The Baddest Female (Nappun Gizibe) MV - CL Debut

I am totally hooked with this song.Feisty! Im so happy she finally has her own single.She deserve one.I hope she will continue to pursue her passion and bring a lots of fierce song lol.


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