CLIO Kill Black Pen Eyeliner (Sandara Park Version)

hello cupcakes!

Last weekend i had officially became a freelance makeup artist lol,minus the payment.Because for now i just wanted to gain experience and such,surprisingly i dont mind about the payment at all.I'll attach the photo at the end of this entry ^____^

Anyway,i bought this pen liner because my CLIO Kill Slim Pen Eyeliner is such a disappointment :/ I need to save every second i could so using gel liner seems to take time.Therefore,i went to Times Square to hunt for a good pen eyeliner.I also bought a few items which i will do reviews soon.

Just like the Kill Slim,it comes in a box.It was slightly bigger since it has free mascara.

 The Pen eyeliner is 12.5cm in height.
Contrary to the Kill Slim,the cover of the eyeliner for Kill Black has some kind of spring in it.I dont see any benefits or disappointment with it though.

The pen eyeliner has a narrow tip but Kill Slim is much much more narrow.See the difference below.
For the mascara,it has the same c-shaped like my Maybelline Magnum Volume Express.I have not tried it yet.

Kill Black

Kill Slim

Pilot Test

 Personally,i like this one much more than the Kill Slim.why?

1. It is easier to handle since slimmer tip requires time to build the thickness.
2. The tip did not dry out easily.This pen eyeliner is consistent.
3. The tip is till thin enough to reach the gap on my upper eyelash.
4. Although it is pricey,it comes with a free mascara.

see,pricey ooo~or is it just me?

Miscellanous 1

Last week,i agreed to swap my Hada Labo Air  BB Cream with a fellow user. :) apparently,she's also a student in UM and living in KK9. :) long story short,she came to deliver the items we agreed to swap (picture upwards) and she was sooooooooo nice she gave me the MUA eyeshadow for free! =3= Thank you Sarah.

p/s - will do reviews soon.

Miscellanous 2

This is what i talked about earlier,my first customer(?) was none other than my fellow coursemate,Sopia. :)

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