Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

hello cupcakes!

I've written an entry about my arrived parcel and im eager to make a review on my new BB Cream =3= This BB cream has never been on my wishlist because of its price.However,recently it was on sale so i decided to purchase it out of curiousity.

To be safe,i bought the middle shade, #W13 Natural Beige.

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream is suitable for Malaysian since this country is summer all year long :P *be jealous uhuk uhuk* It has SPF 50++,a sponge applicator and comes in a compact tube (35ml).

This is a rather old range it was released during Sandara's era with Shinee.I LOVE DARA!! *fangirling* 


I am impressed with the new packaging concept.It was made of rigid plastic and rounded on the edge.This is the only unique packaging among all the BB Cream released under the Precious Mineral range.However,its size is much smaller compared to the others.

Initially,i thought the idea of having a sponge applicator was cool.But once i unpack the BB cream,i found out that the content was already pooling inside the cover (check the picture below).I absolutely have no idea how to clean this mess without disposing all the BB cream inside the cover. :'( Maybe this happened due to the difference in the air pressure during the delivery,which is a natural cause so im not really upset.


1. my skintone drastically change and its only one layer.
2. my dark circles are still visibile
3. my friend said i look pale/unhealthy lols.i suggest you should wear this with lip balm/tint/blusher
4. it covers minor redness and blemishes
5. its too pricey O___O 108.90 MYR -> at Etude Outlets.
6. i think im traumatized to purchase any BB cream with sponge.



Anonymous said...

thanks for the review sist.. i almost buy it.. i thought it'll be simpler to have sponge inside, but after read your review, it's not at all.. haha.. ^^

Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous you're very welcome. :)

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