[OOTD] The Tribal Trend

Halu readers!

Shawl ala-ala lapis meja lol.
Tribal Top
Black Skinnies
The Faithful Neon Pink Sneakers puahaha
Black Studded Sling Bag

Seriously,tribal is so mainstream nowadays. :D

I went to Berjaya Times Square just to have dinner ghaaaad.It was actually around 4pm and i was so hungry -.- i went with Kezia and Yanti.We dined at Sushi King.

gigih tengok menu.

Green Tea.

My meal set!!omnomnom~


The happy faces. :)
Today is Etude House 5th annivesary.I walked past Etude House and saw it was packed with customers and the sale signs were hanged everywhere so i decided to take a look.what was the sale?? 


if i buy a tube of BB Cream,i am eligible to get another BB Cream in the different shade or buy any products that worth the same price omg i just cant miss this sale i kind of spent a little hehe.i'll make another entry tomorrow hopefully.i was planning to write a review on my Etude House products but aigoo..it needs a lot of editing and stuffs.

p/s - weekend ini PRU 13,tak nak kuar takut penyokong parti buat chaos.



Miss Xyz said...

nice tribal top! really, I wish I caould have one of those kind of your shirt! D:

Nurul Farahizzati said...

lamanya tak bersushi king!! rasanya almost two years.. huhu..

Azwa Mislan said...

@Miss Xyz beli dekat kenanga city mall. :)

Azwa Mislan said...

@Nurul Farahizzati :O lamanyaaa,bawa kengkawan gi nanti. :)

Sakinah Lo said...

About the shawl my mom forbid me from wear it, she said it's exactly lapis meja kinda fashion, she said how could you even think bought something like that, I simple reply most people wear it la mum.... haha

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sakinah Lo lmao yep,sometimes i actually think it looks like lapis meja.

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