Pinterest Beauty Infographics - Learn Makeup Through Visual Graphics!

yuuhuu readers!

Lately,im into Pinterest instead of Tumblr.They're both awesome with lots of beautiful pictures but I feel its easier to navigate in Pinterest. :)

So,there's a lot of infographics but I chose the most colourful,beautiful and helpful (wow,they rhymes) visual graphics for you.

Bear in mind,none of the infographics belong to me.They belong to the rightful owner and i dont take any credits.

Benefit Primping With The Stars Kit Review


okay this is a kit i've bought a few months ago.I bought it from Metrojaya,Midvalley for 115 MYR or 125 MYR (39 USD).

Benefit is a high end brand.A tube of mascara costs around 80 MYR (24 USD) and that is wayyy too much for a stingy person like me lol.So i figure if i buy the kit version,i'll save a lot of money.Eventhough they come in smaller tubes,i dont mind because generally cosmetics took forever to finish up. :D

Beware,this is a loooooooooooooooooong entry.

Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream Review

hello cupcakes!

I know this CC Cream isn't the new one in town,and i've heard it gave the sheerest coverage of all CC creams available in the store.But i still want to purchase it out of...impulse?? *sigh* Its a total addiction.

This CC cream is price-wise because it comes in a 50mL pump bottle for 52 MYR (16.27$) IF you buy it online.You could even get lower price than that if you're lucky.One word = affordable.

Tony Moly Latte Art Milk-Cacao Pore Pack Review (Interesting Name,No?)


My parcel arrived today hurray!! This is my third purchase from Malaysian Korea Cosmetics Shopping. :) The order was sent on 12th of July and arrived on 22th of July (11 days).I didn't expect it to arrive so early,i thought im going to receive it at the end of this month :D

However,one of my parcel still has yet to arrive and its a domestic parcel. -___- WTF poslaju,its 2weeks already.

Anyway,this is WHAT arrived today,a pore pack and a CC cream.

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation in NC37 Review (what is NC/NW?)


For this review,im gonna talk more about MAC foundation which actually confused me ever since i take interest in cosmetics.Im not a fan of MAC,in fact im not a fan of high end product except when the hype was overwhelming or when plenty of beauty gurus rave about it.

I finally bought a MAC foundation because i need a good foundation for my residential college dinner.So i went to MAC Midvalley and i asked for assitance from the beauty consultant and he recommend me this shade.

Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks in #3 Peach Pink Review

hello pumpkins!

haha im sorry for my absence.Mom went out almost everyday so i dont have any device to snap pictures.Im using my mum's phone btw -___- And i dislike taking pictures at night because it looks rather unnatural. *sigh*

Its been a week but i still have not receive my parcel,and it was posted using Pos Laju! T___T i hate waiting,patience is not my best quality.

Etude House Dear My Lips-Talk in #BE105


I bought this lipstick quite a while ago.I keep delaying the review due to procastination.Unfortunately,i left the box at my aunt's.

OOTD - Louis Vuitton Inspired and Comfortable

weeeee readers!

I went on a day trip with my best friend,Ray to Kundasang.We were planning to tour around Kundasang but it rains around 1.30pm so we had to go home.It was a nice no-lunch-trip since its ramadhan :) Ahang also joined us.

Im doing a double OOTD since Ray requested it :)

Look Of The Day - Minimalist

hello readers.

I went out to day just for the sake of paying the cosmetics i purchased online.I woke up on 10.30am *not something to be proud of but im on semester break so yeah* and went watching TV. -___-

Long story short,mum arrived from somewhere and she told to get ready as soon as possible while she waits for me.So i kind of running here and there while getting ready.Of course I have minimal time to put on makeup which is the sole reason why i made this entry. :)

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Black and Turqoise

Hello readers.

This is a short review.I've been looking for a cheap colored liquid eyeliner and I finally found it! :D This eyeliners are so cheap,17.90 MYR.

Skincare 101 - Penjagaan Kulit Muka

hello awesome people!

Happy fasting,may this Ramadhan bring more joy and teach us something good in between.

In this entry,i'll share some of my skincare tips with my fellow readers.I learnt most of it through the internet,magazine and books.I also practice these tips and it worked on my skin so far.Each individual has different skin type and condition,feel free to pick any that suits you and practice it diligently. :)

NYX Products Review (Soft Matte Lip Cream,Jumbo Eye Pencil,Mono Eyeshadow)

hello cupcakes!

I started to develop an interest with western cosmetics recently because i think they're worth trying.So,i managed to visit Sephora and bought two of NYX's best selling product which are the soft matte lip cream and the jumbo eye pencil.

I was actually aiming for the shade of Addis Ababa instead of Amsterdam but it was out of stock so i grabbed the other one,which was my alternative shade.Also I was looking for the shade Milk but it was out of stock too :( Another product i wanted to try from NYX is the concealer in jar BUT it was also out of stock *sigh*

The mono eyeshadow I got for free by swapping with a fellow friend so basically its free. :)

Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Color in OR201 Orange Choux Cake and OR202 Peach Sugar Cake

hello candies!

This products are relatively old,I bought it along with my Bright Fit BB Cream during Etude House Buy 1 Free 1 Sale.Why review so late?PROCASTINATION.haha and i bought new stuffs almost every week.

I don't have the boxes since i left it at my aunt's house back in KL,my apology readers.I remember the price is 41.90 MYR = 13 USD.I already bought one of this product range,click HERE.

Etude House Oh! M' Eye Lash Top Coat

hello readers!

First of all,i checked my Nuffnang today.I was so surprised to see my earning has increased tremendously.Im so thankful to everyone of you,especially to my loyal readers. =3=

I just made a bloglovin account! I've seen its widget in many blog and I finaly decided to make a bloglovin account.Check on the sidebar and don't forget to follow me!!

Etude House Color Pop Dear My Lips-Talk in #OR214 Manyak Orenjilamyun

hello candies!

im back at my hometown,Sabah yeay! -3- 

My aunt treated me this lipstick along with a mascara top coat.If you have not read my review on a different shade of this lipstick,click HERE.I don't know why i chose this colour.I should've gone with the orange one T__T but anywaysss here's my thought!

I dont have to repeat on how i love the packaging hehe.

It is a pink lipstick.It looks very bright but not as much as on the lips.Maybe the bright pink neutralize my lip color,that's why it was less vibrant. *nods*

I wanted to buy the Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil but it was un-twistable so i feel like im wasting my RM39.90 for a small amount of it. -___- 


This lipstick settles to the fine lines of my lips.When i bloat my lips using a tissue,the result was HORRIBLE.The lines were highlighted with the lipstick while the area around it looks..dull?It was so different from the other one.How is that even possible?? ┐( ˘_˘)┌ 

But i have found a trick to avoid it from settling to the fine lines of my lips.DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH.I apply on only a thin layer on my lips and it looks decent. =3= In  my opinion,a thin layer won't make the color 'pop' donchu think so? (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) 

whoops i messed up!it was supposed to be the other way around FML


\( ゚ヮ゚)/ i like the scent


┐(´-`)┌ Settles to the fine lines of my lips
┐(´-`)┌ Not as bright as it seems on my lips
┐(´-`)┌ Pricey if bought at the outlet

Overall im not really a fan of this lipstick.But its okay,as long as i apply only a thin layer. =3=

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