Etude House Dear My Lips-Talk in #BE105


I bought this lipstick quite a while ago.I keep delaying the review due to procastination.Unfortunately,i left the box at my aunt's.

I chose this lipstick because i thought a nude shade is perfect for an everyday wear,you know when i feel like putting on some colour on my lips.But normally i dont wear lipstick to the lectures,only when im going out.

Anyway,there are too many shades in this range so i was confused which one is the shade that i've bought,and the shade written at the bottom of the lipstick was overshadowed(?) with some unknown lable.But i assumed the shade is BE105.

In the advertorial below,the color looks pretty sheer.However when i apply it on my lips,it looks very pigmented and more to reddish brown.

I love the carving on the lipstick. :)

it did looks like reddish brown right?

This lipstick is thick and pigmented.One swipe and i think its already enough.It also does not settle onto the fine lips of my lips,which is a good thing.

However,do take note that the staying power is average.Drinks and foods will definitely stain away the lipstick.So,bringing this lipstick become handy if you're going out. :)

  •  pigmented
  •  glossy finish
  •  the shade compliment almost every skin tone
  •  a lot of shades to choose from
  •  Staying power is average
  •  Pricey at Etude House outlet.

Maybe i should give those drugstore's lipstick a try.

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June L. said...

Ah, I'm kicking myself here right now! I just purchased several shades of this lipstick, but totally skipped this one! T___T It's so PRETTY! Thank you for the review, and the swatches!

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