Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream Review

hello cupcakes!

I know this CC Cream isn't the new one in town,and i've heard it gave the sheerest coverage of all CC creams available in the store.But i still want to purchase it out of...impulse?? *sigh* Its a total addiction.

This CC cream is price-wise because it comes in a 50mL pump bottle for 52 MYR (16.27$) IF you buy it online.You could even get lower price than that if you're lucky.One word = affordable.

This CC cream is packed with benefits and care for your skin.

The bottle is super bulky but i definitely love it.Its not something you could bring traveling.I suggest you squeeze out some in a small clean jar and seal it tightly.

Anyway,this cc cream came with a bubble wrapping and 3 samples (i'll show you later)

 Look at the ingredients!
Took almost the entire space.

It looks like other typical pump :)


I could see no color change until it almost blend with my skin.

clearly brigthen up my skin.
I love the smell and it has a slight dewy finish (because my skin shines upon contact with light)

I think this CC cream is ideal for my everyday makeup.It is lighter than BB cream (45% water based) which i also believe wont clog pores. *nods* However i do think this CC is quite big.

This is the first time i got a BB cream sample from another brand lol.
All of my BB samples are from Etude House. :0


  •  affordable!
  • love the smell
  • light texture
  • brighten up my skin
  • water based makeup
  •  Bulky
  •  Sheer coverage (low to medium coverage)

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