Innisfree Serum CC Cream (Coverage) Review


Currently im seriously hooked with CC creams.I buy too much CC's and it dont seem to end anytime soon kekeke.

One of my recent purchase is Innisfree Serum CC.This is my first Innisfree purchase and im so excited lols.This is the latest version of their CC's.I believe the first one was Real Skin CC Cream but i've never compelled to try it.

So when this CC was released,i googled it and failed to find any reviews.Hence why i decided to buy this.Plus,i purposely buy the 'cover' CC instead of the 'brightening' CC to see how good the 'cover' works. :)

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion in #2 Cooling Beige


I've been sick for the past few days and today i had the worst fever T__T do you know how much i've suffered sitting in an air conditioned class for an hour with my raging fever?! T__T even my finger nails turned purplish.

I recently purchased a few cosmetics that had caught my eyes,partially because some of them were featured in Get It Beauty.

This time i bought from another Facebook based shop Etude House&Innisfree&OPI&Laneige&TonyMoly&Missha&Skinfood.I know the shop's name is unusual but judging from their (1000+) likes and picture proofs i assumed they have a good reputation.

My parcel took almost 4 weeks to arrive and every items were wrapped with bubble wrap.The seller is friendly,answering all my questions and concern.However i only got 3 free samples though,i was hoping i got more but that's fine (haha typical malaysian).

I like how they put almost all items of certain brand in the photo album,makes browsing easier.All in all i'd recommend this shop to my readers especially my malaysian readers.Do check 'em out!

✰ Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach Review ✰

Hola! very first Bobbi Brown purchase!!!

I've always felt intimidated with the idea of going to a high-end shop.Its totally out of my comfort zone.Even cosmetics has no exception.But that particular day,i was strolling in Mid Valley when i saw the Bobbi Brown shop and decided to ask about their famous corrector.Which also lead to my very first time having a makeover at their counter. :D 

The MUA naturally applied this peach shade corrector and i was totally mind blown.My undereyes circle was gone!

'It's like magic right?' said the MUA with her wide smile.

I couldn't agree more.

Etude House I'm Blooming Essential Flower Brightening Mist Review


This is my first facial mist evah! I never thought i'd need one since i dont have clear vision of what they're supposed to do LOL.But i found this mist while browsing through the skincare section at Etude House and practically grabbed it. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I've been using it ever since despite their biiiiiiig bottle so here's my 2 cents on this mist.

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in #4 Sweet Poison Review


Okay,I have sworn not to buy this tint at their official outlet because of its price.Some genius decided to do a 'Buy 1 Free 1' deal and all hell break loose,I grabbed this tint as the free item when i purchase the brightening mist.So much for saving money -____-

I picked this shade with hope that it'll work with my skintone and have that cutie pink finish.Im a bit anxious to buy pink shade tints because i have histories (baaad histories) with pink tints.Either they dont shows up on my lips or the colour was too cool for my skintone,making me look...unflattering.

Do you think i'll have any luck with pink tints? :/

Etude House Sun Prise Cotton Touch Powder Cream (Smooth Primer) Review

Hello bubbly girls!

By now you probably notice that im a fan of Etude House. ^^ 

I picked this baby from the Sweeties Club Promotion for October 2013.I have never been interested with the Sun Prise collection,and this was maybe released during summer last year.

But that day,it was so cheap i had to buy it kekeke.

Maybelline Master Drama Cream Liner by Eyestudio in Midnight Master Review


I picked up this eyeliner in Watsons because I never own a twistable liner,much more a cream liner.Sometimes i think gel liner is too complicated for my daily makeup.My class starts at 8am every morning and gel liner takes too much time.

Let's move on to the review,shall we?

The Faceshop Face it Velvet Skin Primer Review


I think i mentioned it before that i bought this primer at a very low price.I have never own a Korean face primer before and coincidently,a seller is doing a clearance sale so i thought 'hey,why not?' :)

I bought this primer from Princess Beauty Shop (Facebook).I stumbled upon her page and browsed through her albums.Seriously guys,she is selling Korean cosmetics at a very affordable price and i recommend you to check out her page! :) 

She replied my message promptly and...nice kekeke.I asked her specifically to send out my parcel immediately because im going back home soon but i wanted the parcel to be sent out to my residential college and she did.

Okay,moving on to the review!!

☮ Peripera Tint Marker in #1 Plum Stain Review ☮

Hello cupcakes!

I was passing by the Peripera shelf in Watsons when I saw this tint marker.Im always awed by its girlish cartoon packaging.The drawing art concept was done by Mari Kim,an artist who also collaborated with 2NE1 for their Hate You promotion.

very similar isn't it?

✰ Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in W24 Honey Beige Review ✰


I participated in a contest from MY Etude House Facebook page.It was back in August and we were asked to write down our expectation to the Any Cushion in the comment form.
I expect Any Cushion will have a flawless finish,stays put for at least 3 to 4 hours,travel friendly and buildable coverage to hide my blemishes and pores
Surprisingly,i was one of the 38 winners and we got to try the Any Cushion in FULL SIZE for free!Thank you Etude House. =3=

There's also Moistfull trial kit and Real Art Cleansing Oil as free gifts. :)

♡ September/October 2013 Collective Haul - Etude House,The Faceshop,Peripera,etc ♡

Im backkkkkk *drum rolls* 

After two months of absence i can finally write reviews again.I don't have digital camera to snapshot my products T__T Luckily im home now so im aiming to do at least one review per day.These babies are mostly new,i bought it earlier this week for the sake of reviewing them.Some of it are from a few months ago like the Etude House Any Cushion.
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