Maybelline Master Drama Cream Liner by Eyestudio in Midnight Master Review


I picked up this eyeliner in Watsons because I never own a twistable liner,much more a cream liner.Sometimes i think gel liner is too complicated for my daily makeup.My class starts at 8am every morning and gel liner takes too much time.

Let's move on to the review,shall we?

Product Claim

Draw bold and smooth lines easily unlike any other.Experience the power of cream with top-to-bottom glide.
-Maybelline Malaysia


The packaging is decent and sealed,which ensure the finest quality keke.
Usually,drugstores eyeliner are sold without seal and often taped to prevent naughty hands :P

A close up of the wordings.

Its actually untwistable (refer to the pink instruction).We need to twist out the exact amount we need because it wont retract once twisted out.

It claims to have an intense pigmentation,skip-proof and smudge resistant.


The liner has a sleek and monochrome design.It is slim and 0.28g in weight.
I like the handwritten font! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

The product comes with a pointy end and it will definitely go blunt once used,and there is no built-in sharpener! ಠ_ಠ


Okay when i first tried it on my hand,i was impressed on how smooth it glide on my skin.It is very creamy and lightweight! :O Super like! The colour payoff is satisfying,it is intense and provide a matte finish.

Water proof test.

I run it under the tap water,rub it lightly (seriously no one rub their eyes harshly right?) and it wont budge,except that the pigmentation is lesser.

Rubbed hard with wet wipes.Its mostly gone but you still need a proper makeup remover to remove all the traces.

Tried and Tested

The result is actually pleasing.It glides super smoothly  and very vivid.One stroke and you're done (minus the tight lining).Sadly,the liner transferred to my eyelids and i noticed the top of the liner on my lids kind of fade away.So i suggest you wear a primer beforehand and set it with powder after on.Another thing is that once the bullet went blunt,its very difficult to apply precisely on your lids. T___T


I bought this for 19.90 MYR.Its cheap but i've seen cheaper cream pencil liner.Maybe its because of the formula that makes it slightly expensive but still,CHEAP.

Who Would Love This?

Makeup beginners since this is easier to control and can be a good alternative to pencil liner.

Eyeliner junkie because gurlllll,this liner is super pigmented and easy to use.

Final Thoughts

I love the formula,its very easy to use and travel friendly.Although it does not stays put on my lids,i will give it a try later on with my primer/concealer and i hope it works.The liner has already gone blunt on my first use and its difficult to apply precisely on my lash line D: I have a mixed feeling with this product,more to neutral.I dont think i will repurchase but this is definitely a decent product with good price. :)



Ciao! xoxo


Nicole Sim said...

Great review! I always wanted to get this but worried that it isn't smudged proof! Now it has proven me wrong heehee :)
Thank you!

lizchewy said...

Great review!! I haven't tried out non-Asian brand drugstore liners but this one looks amazing.

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