☮ Peripera Tint Marker in #1 Plum Stain Review ☮

Hello cupcakes!

I was passing by the Peripera shelf in Watsons when I saw this tint marker.Im always awed by its girlish cartoon packaging.The drawing art concept was done by Mari Kim,an artist who also collaborated with 2NE1 for their Hate You promotion.

very similar isn't it?

Product Claim

I was blinded by this promotional picture.I thought #3 is too cool for my skintone so i chose #1.


The tint comes in a crayon-like box.The tip and bottom of the box were the shade of the tint itself.

They have quality seal which i obviously ripped open lol.


It almost look like a fancy marker pen that you purchase from Daiso keke.
But fret not,the marker is made of rigid plastic and wont easily bent or break.

See i told you,even the felt tip is similar to a marker.


#TOP27BDAY (cant really leave behind my Bigbang feels LOL)

Anywaysss,the tint is very vivid and pigmented.It looks like purplish-pinkish from the picture.Its actually purple in colour.

Rubbed (hard) with wet wipes (NOT makeup remover).

The tint is almost gone but i think this is long lasting and does not easily fade away when worn throughout the day.

So far so good right,well here's the tricky part.

Tried and Tested

When i applied this on my lips,i can hardly blend the product on my lips.In fact,the product work like a real marker pen,staining permanently once applied making it impossible for any gradiation as shown in the promotional picture.I am totally fooled! T___T I have to rub the hard edges with wet wipes to blend the colour on my lips as shown above.

Furthermore,the color is too intense and it look not-so-nice without gradiatian.Aren't tint marker is supposed to make life easier?? ;A;

Despite that,the color pigmentation is A+.If only it was blendable.


I bought this for 37.90 MYR (12 USD).I never own any tint marker so i cant make any price comparison.I think its affordable but i would not repurchase.

Who Would Love This?

Anyone who love the intense color payoff and does not mind blending the tint afterwards :P

Final Thoughts

I love the concept,the pigmentation even the packaging.Too bad the result is not to my satisfaction.I should have choose the crayon tint but then,i bought this just to make review so its forgiven hehe.Obviously i wont repurchase this product.I might sell it. :)




sweet hanan said...

I also ever review lip range from PeriPera too!


Perttzyana Alpah said...

cute packaging........

Azwa Amanina said...

@sweet hanan yes,i have read it! :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Perttzyana Alpah It is,right?? <3

Isabel said...

I have the water and milk version. much better with blending =)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Isabel i have never tried that but i bet its easier!i have the water tint version,i love it!

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