The Faceshop Face it Velvet Skin Primer Review


I think i mentioned it before that i bought this primer at a very low price.I have never own a Korean face primer before and coincidently,a seller is doing a clearance sale so i thought 'hey,why not?' :)

I bought this primer from Princess Beauty Shop (Facebook).I stumbled upon her page and browsed through her albums.Seriously guys,she is selling Korean cosmetics at a very affordable price and i recommend you to check out her page! :) 

She replied my message promptly and...nice kekeke.I asked her specifically to send out my parcel immediately because im going back home soon but i wanted the parcel to be sent out to my residential college and she did.

Okay,moving on to the review!!

Product Claim

I didn't know this primer can act as a sun block because i didn't notice any SPF written on the packaging.

sources - google images

I found out that this face primer was featured in Get It Beauty as the best primer in their Blind Test.

So im suuuuuuuuper lucky to own this baby!


The packaging is really simple,no cutesy arts or uncessary wording.

Yup,the box is dented a liiiitle bit but oh its just a box :D

That small container symbol with 12M on it indicates that the life span is 12 months after opened.


It comes in a 10.5 cm tall bottle and a dispenser pump.
The bottle is also in matte white colour and it looks professional if that make sense.

Height comparison with Etude House Sun Prise Cotton Touch Powder Cream (40g).
They have almost the same height but different weight :P

I love the fact that i can undo the pump which also mean i can scoop out every bit of this product LOL.


It looks like a gel or some say it looks like an essence.
Its thick and not runny at all and it provide a natural and transparent finish once applied on the skin.

Left hand - right hand

It definitely smoothen my skin and cover my pores.It does not give you that sticky or greasy feeling once applied so its definitely a plus point to this primer.The pump is pleasing since i can control the amount dispensed easily.As any other primer,i used only a tiny amount of this primer (about a pea size) and it was enough to cover all of my critical zone - cheeks,nose,forehead and chin.

Take note though,i have only tried this primer once so i might change my opinion in this post soon.Im writing based on what i felt during the first time,kind of like a first impression entry LOL.So far im loving this primer and i think applying it together with the POREfessional will boost up the staying power.


I bought it for 20 MYR (6.30 USD) with 9 MYR (3 USD) for postage fee.W2Beauty is selling this primer for 21.24 USD which is roughly 67.60 MYR with free shipping.Its quite pricey for a 30g product but considering the recognition it acquired,i think its worth it.Comparing it to Benefit POREfessional,the FACE it primer is way more affordable.

Who Would Love This?

Anyone with an oily skin so that their BB cream/foundation will stays put on their skin longer.

Everyone can use this even the dark skinned people because its transparent.

Final Thoughts

I adore this face primer.It definitely let my BB cream/CC cream glide easily on my skin.I dont think this has any SPF properties as it was not stated on the packaging itself.Although the bottle is quite bulky,its still travel friendly and small enough to fit into your handbag.It has a thick consistency but it should not be a bother since it feels lightweight on my skin and provide a matte finish.As for scent,it has a lotion scent. :O




Nella P said...

seems like it is a good primer. I never tried to use any primer for face before.

Sabrina Tedjokusuma said...

i tried the banila and not that impressed :( I should pick this one :( Thank you for the review~

Ari said...

I have the other version of this primer and I find it okay. It doesn't prolong my makeup all the time though, just for some of my BB creams and foundations which I find strange.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Nella P It is!!at least for ME keke.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sabrina Tedjokusuma ohmy,it must be pricey isn't it? :( their CC cream is daebak though ^^

Azwa Amanina said...

@Ari Maybe its because of the diffrences in their ingredients.if your BB is oil based and the primer is also oil based,then the two product will mix well because like attracts like and vice versa. :)

Isna Marshita said...

Tried it already was so awesome and recommended for those with oily skin .my skin was too oily ,very glad to have this type of product ;)

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