Etude House I'm Blooming Essential Flower Brightening Mist Review


This is my first facial mist evah! I never thought i'd need one since i dont have clear vision of what they're supposed to do LOL.But i found this mist while browsing through the skincare section at Etude House and practically grabbed it. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I've been using it ever since despite their biiiiiiig bottle so here's my 2 cents on this mist.

Product Advertorial

It comes with two other siblings,each of them have different role.As for mine,its a brightening mist.

Im impressed with the 'organic & natural' claim as well as the 7 free claim.

Safe With Me = 7 Free Hazardous Ingredients
Trust Me = 100% Test Completed
I'm Pure = Contain organic plant sap and natural flower extract.


Pastel pink plastic bottle with nozzle spray.

The nozzle spray is a bit difficult to control.Sometimes it stucked but its not a big deal for me.


A transparent water-like texture.It has a faint scent which probably comes from the flower extract or it could be the fragrance.


I bought it for 61.90 MYR but im not complaining since im getting 150ml of the mist.That's alot cause some mist can cost the same but comes with 60ml only.I bet you could get cheaper by online purchase.

Who Might Like It?

People with dry skin since the idea of mist is to refresh your skin.

Final Thoughts

I agree that it brighten up my skin but it left a subtle sheen which can appear greasy/oily.I found that the sheen is directly proportional to the amount of times you use the mist.The bulky bottle is a concern because it adds up my already packed backpack.I suggest you transfer it to a smaller bottle for convenience.Overall its an okay product with no harsh side effect (like acne,etc) I might repurchase but different mist,probably the green tea one.



Do you use facial mist?

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Emilyy .Emilyy said...

Im a facial mist lover, and until now still use EH wonder pore
It's look like really good, but i think then greentea are more promising ^^

mind to following each other, dear ?
I followed you first ^^

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