Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in #4 Sweet Poison Review


Okay,I have sworn not to buy this tint at their official outlet because of its price.Some genius decided to do a 'Buy 1 Free 1' deal and all hell break loose,I grabbed this tint as the free item when i purchase the brightening mist.So much for saving money -____-

I picked this shade with hope that it'll work with my skintone and have that cutie pink finish.Im a bit anxious to buy pink shade tints because i have histories (baaad histories) with pink tints.Either they dont shows up on my lips or the colour was too cool for my skintone,making me look...unflattering.

Do you think i'll have any luck with pink tints? :/

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I know shade #8 is Sulli's pick but its more to a plum colour and i am not a offense.

From the picture above,shade #4 is a warm pink while #5 is a little bit to the cooler pink.Im glad i chose shade #4! :) A very happy camper!


Rosy Roses everywhere kekeke.

I think its adorable in a mature way,like a grown up woman kind of kawaii vibe lol.

#4 Sweet Poison *i can read hangul*


The tube is made out of plastic but really hard,thick plastic.
The tube has been widely discussed(?) by the other beauty bloggers,mostly because of the difficulty to squeeze out the tint out of the tube.I dont mean to intimidate but it will take effort to squeeze this tint once it almost finish up.

For now,its still squeezeable. :)

The sponge applicator also received mixed reviews from the other bloggers.
Some dislike the rounded tips,some say the sponge absorb too much of the tint and so forth.

Frankly speaking,i like the sponge tip.
Its new,its unusual and...affordable,i guess. :D


I squeezed out too much of the tint,what a waste D:

The second swatch is partially blended with the sponge applicator.
I must admit it absorb the tint quite a lot.
Boo for that!

[Flash] Fully blended.
The left one look like real blood O_O

Tried and Tested

The sponge applicator is very effective for gradient turned out pretty nice in picture don chu think so kekeke.

Reapplication after 4-5 hours because i have eaten and drink.


Its retail price is 55.90 MYR whilst the online price is at most 36 MYR.See the difference?19.90 MYR difference!I would suggest you buy online but if you prefer consultation and live demo,go to their nearby outlet. :)

Who Would Love This?

Tint lover!

Final Thoughts

I love this tint.The colour pigmentation is wonderful and it stays for at least 3-4 hours,just like the other tints.Its a great creation but the downside is the rigidity of the tube is too much since we need to squeeze it.It turned out warm pink on my lips and do accentuate dry chapped lips,so soft lips is a must!I think the sponge is unhygienic because it will get wet and promote bacterias growth :O And yes,i would repurchase other shades in the future. :)



Goin back to KL tomorrow!


Sabrina Tajudin said...

eee.. suka blog awak! cantik and byk koren cosmetics review! followed! <3

Wiida Ribbon said...

I like the color on you, it looks natural and at the same time gives wow factor on your look. Natural sweet look with the lip tint :)

Oliwia Zofia said...

I really like the colours of this :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sabrina Tajudin thanks babe!suka blog awak juga!kekeke.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Wiida Ribbon thanks wida,i would recommend you to try this tint :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Oliwia Zofia yes yes yes!honestly,all the shades for rosy lip tint is wonderful :3

Elin Ivana said...

OMG your face is so flawless! Wanna follow each other anyway? Let me know!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Elin Ivana keke thanks babe! :)

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