Innisfree Serum CC Cream (Coverage) Review


Currently im seriously hooked with CC creams.I buy too much CC's and it dont seem to end anytime soon kekeke.

One of my recent purchase is Innisfree Serum CC.This is my first Innisfree purchase and im so excited lols.This is the latest version of their CC's.I believe the first one was Real Skin CC Cream but i've never compelled to try it.

So when this CC was released,i googled it and failed to find any reviews.Hence why i decided to buy this.Plus,i purposely buy the 'cover' CC instead of the 'brightening' CC to see how good the 'cover' works. :)

Product Advertorial

I apologize for unable to find any decent translation.

However,it claims to have 52% of skin care moisturizing properties,and from the product name itself,it has serum in it(?) haha probably.

But i got quite useful information from the box itself.

I like the illustration on the side of the box but then,i find most of Innisfree packaging has this type of design.

Product design

Typical dispenser pump that is quite difficult to deal with.The pump is stiff probably because its still new :P
Other than that its fine.


It has no color changing properties.

and of course,a selca with the CC's on muehehe.

My Thoughts

This CC live up my expectation.It has a decent and buildable coverage,sheer to medium.Though light textured,it can be difficult to blend the product if apply heavily at once so i suggest applying a thin layer first then eventually layering it several times.I dont really like its scent.Honestly it smells like ointment to me.But it fade away pretty fast.The first time i apply it on the back of my hand,i almost puke when i sniff it lol.I just hate ointment that much but over time,i got used to it.It stays for at least 3-4 hours on my face with primer.By lunch time,i noticed the redness on my cheeks are already visible.One more,it does not make my skin looks too pale or ashy.I can say for a CC cream,this serum CC is a little bit darker than the rest of the CC's i've tried before yet not as dark as the Holika Holika's Face 2 Change CC.That one is just horrible lols.Gahd im drowned in the CC's bandwagon!


For a 35ml product,i paid 70 MYR.Quite expensive,almost remind me of the Banila Co. it Radiant CC.At least,i got 5ml more from Innisfree kekeke.I believe its a new product so certainly it hasn't reach to most of the outlets yet.But again,i've never seen an Innisfree outlet in Malaysia lol.

Who Might Like This?

Anyone who wants a light texture CC but decent coverage.I honestly find that the Faceshop Aqua Aura CC,though has awesome coverage,is quite thick compared to the Innisfree Serum CC.

Anyone who does not mind the ointment/herbal smell instead of the usual floral/fresh fragrance.



So yeah,i like this product kekeke and i would very much recommend it to you guys. :P


Mizu chan said...

I heard of this cc cream before but this is my first time reading a review about it. Seems good :D

Lintang Pratiwi said...

I always wanted to try CC Cream, and i think that this is a great product! ^^
btw, mind to followback?

Azwa Amanina said...

@Mizu chan you should try it,its coverage is better than most of the available cc. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Mizu chan you should try it,its coverage is better than most of the available cc. :)

Haeun S. said...

i would like to know which mac shade you are?

nice review!!!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Haeun S. hi haeun! According to the SA,im NC37. :)

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