Etude House Sun Prise Cotton Touch Powder Cream (Smooth Primer) Review

Hello bubbly girls!

By now you probably notice that im a fan of Etude House. ^^ 

I picked this baby from the Sweeties Club Promotion for October 2013.I have never been interested with the Sun Prise collection,and this was maybe released during summer last year.

But that day,it was so cheap i had to buy it kekeke.

Product Claim

I was intrigued by the 'wrinkle concealer powder' properties.

Basically it means a concealer in powder form and its function is to cover wrinkles.

Besides that,it claims to have a powdery finish and can be used on its own (which i will show later on!)



Its avant-garde.

The product is 40g in weight and it comes in a metal tube with a detachable cap.
The cap is pink in colour (typical Etude haha) and octagonal in shape.
How cool is that?? :D

Good thing it can stand on its own!


The product actually has a lilac colour which function to brighten up dull skin.

When partially blended,it gives a glossy appearance.I actually feel greasy during blending the product but once fully blended it gives a powdery finish.

See how it brighten up my skin? :3

Tried and Tested

This primer alone is enough to fake a healthy skin.Very suitable and easy when you're rushing hihi.I love the powdery finish but i personally think i should apply a finishing powder afterwards because of the shine it provides (refer to my picture above).It has a flowery scent,lavender i think and its very pleasing.It didn't do any difference to my undereyes wrinkle probably because its not suppose to be applied there??


I bought it for 29.90 MYR,very cheap and affordable right???The original retail price is about 70++ MYR.I was lucky because Etude House has promotion every month.Online price is 60++ MYR.For a 40g product,i would definitely think twice before re-purchase.

Who Would Love This?

Anyone with dull skin because the lilac colour will brighten up your skin in a snap kekeke.

Anyone who lives in a tropical country because this primer has SPF 50+++

Final Thoughts

It stays put for at least 3 hours before my face started to feel oily.Maybe it will stays longer if mattified with face powder.I honestly love the scent it produced and the result it gave on my skin.The metal tube is easy to squeeze to but the side effect is that you can clearly see the dented tube.I love this primer more than the Velvet Skin primer because of the brightening skin properties.I would re-purchase if its on sale again :P Its pricey okayyy.Its small size and suitable to be carried around in your pouch.After all,you can wear this primer on its own. :)



What is your favourite primer??Maybe i could give it a try. :)

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Janet said...

thanks for sharing this! the packaging look so cute and colorful ^_~ I don't really have a favorite primer but I do think the Benefits porefessional does a pretty decent job ^_~

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