Peripera 10cm Pride Up BB Cream Review

Hi unicorns!

Yet another BB cream review. I couldn't resist the temptation since it was on sale for only RM20! Peripera is a sister brand of Clio. Peripera is somewhat give out the early teen vibes which is why I tend to avoid their products. However Clio is a little bit pricey at my local department store which the sole reason why I almost never buy any Clio items.

Long story short,I finally own this BB cream after eyeing it for quite some time. :)

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Review

Hello readers!

I bought this during my recent visit to Sephora. I don't fancy the brow on fleek trend on Youtube as I prefer the straight brow popularized by K-pop idols. Plus I never take brows seriously despite the 'your brows can frame your face' claim. But now I think its time to polish my brow game. So I decided to buy this little guy.

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