Peripera 10cm Pride Up BB Cream Review

Hi unicorns!

Yet another BB cream review. I couldn't resist the temptation since it was on sale for only RM20! Peripera is a sister brand of Clio. Peripera is somewhat give out the early teen vibes which is why I tend to avoid their products. However Clio is a little bit pricey at my local department store which the sole reason why I almost never buy any Clio items.

Long story short,I finally own this BB cream after eyeing it for quite some time. :)

Packaging wise,its simple with a tinge of cuteness. Maybe its just me,but I find the color combination match perfectly while not looking overly done. But the name is a bit childish and playful I think?

I got mine in shade No. 2 Medium Beige

This is the darkest Korean-made BB cream shade I've ever owned. I can say its almost similar to Etude House W23 Honey Beige. 

Its not runny yet its not thick either. Notice the glossiness it has. Like any other Korean BB cream,it has a strong fragrance smell that lingers even after application. Yet I personally don't mind the issue since I love sniffing it LOL.

The shade almost match my skintone. I notice its quite tacky and dewy so I always use powder afterwards. I'm not crazy about this BB due to its tackiness. Sometimes it does transfer on my tissue whenever I blot my nose area (I get really oily at this area after 3-4 hours). I'm always aware that I'm WEARING a foundation whenever I use this due to its strong fragrance. It has a light/medium coverage. The redness around my cheeks and nose didn't disappear completely. I recommend you to use a primer underneath this BB. 

Overall,its an OK product. 

I'm thinking to try the new Loreal Mat Magique BB Essence,what do you say?


Gabriela said...

Please post a review if you do end up trying out the L'Oreal BB Cream.

I'm interested in knowing what your opinion is on the product. ^^

Cacophony said...

Thanks for the review. I'm thinking about buying this but can't find many reviews in English.

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