🎓 New Semester Goals 🎓

Hello peeps!

I've been missing for a few months already I believe. My interest in writing has dramatically decreases these days. However, I suddenly have a profound desire to write today. The semester has just started a month ago so I figure its still not too late to post an entry of my goals to achieve. :) 

In the past, I've always had goals every time a new semester started. While most goals remain unachived, I manage to cross off a few of them by the end of it. I've never done anything like this before because to me,goals are kind of a personal thing. But. change is inevitable so here I am, typing with ideas oozes out of my mind box.

Letz get to biznez!

1. Get a part time job
I have no experience of working. I kid you not. All my life, I've been financially supported by my parents and goverment scholarship. I want to feel how its like to work "makan gaji" and to understand the struggle of earning income to survive. I know it sounds a bit exaggerated.

 I also started to feel bad by living off of my parents money. They always say 'oh dont worry, we can support you. You just have to study hard and do well in exam,' but till when? They're not getting younger yet they still have a lot to pay *getting a little bit emotional here* 

Of course I need to ensure my study is not jeopardized. After all, it is the sole reason Im enrolling in university, to get a degree scroll.

On the other hand, I need the money to fuel my hobbies which are makeups and foods hehehe.

2. Exercise and get fit

This has been a long time goal for me, and I've failed. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The problem is within me. Im lacking in discipline and willpower. I want it but I didn't work hard for it. 

This time around, I will keep pushing myself and stick with the plan. This goal has been delayed for too long, its time to really make it come true.

3. Focus on being rather than doing
I can't pinpoint exactly where I read the sentence above. But it hit hard, so hard on me. It was exactly what I've been doing throughout my early adulthood. I want to focus on being nicer, being a good listener, being a friend in need, being a better me; inside and out. being adventurous, being open to new ideas and experiences.

The 20s is my prime time to improve any aspect of my self that I want to be better. Let's be honest, the 20s is when we have the time and the energy for everything but we don't have money. So why not focus on using the time and energy we have to improve ourselves? Take baby steps. :)

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