A'pieu Air-Fit Nude Foundation No. 23 Review

Hello readers.

Recently, I've bought this foundation out of pure curiosity. This is my first time purchasing from A'pieu so I really want to buy something decent from them. I found this foundation from their website and to my surprise I was unable to find a single review about this product (except in Thai or Vietnamese which obviously I can't understand). Hence I decided to write a review on this cutesy product. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the kawaii-ness of the concept??
Its simple yet eye catching at the same time.

I bought the darkest shade available which is No. 23.
I think they have one or two more shades on the fairer side.

The first time I saw this, my opinion was "wow, its so small".
It comes in an 18g bottle and comparing it to the Etude House BB cream, it look so tiny LOL
Thankfully, its quite cheap (KRW 7,900 = MYR 28.90)

I have never own a foundation with a dropper. This type of product does have an expensive vibe don't you think so? 

It dispenses the product really well but one time, I accidentally stain my cloth with the foundation since I normally use the dropper directly on to my face :(

It feels light weight and it blends easily with synthetic brush and beauty blender. It smells familiar, like some sort of Johnson's baby powder. It sets quite fast and turns powder upon blending. 

Normally I would apply to the half of my face first then proceed to the other side. Surprise, surprise, it is not tacky at all! It even out my skintone beautifully despite having a light-medium coverage.

Shade wise, it is not the perfect match yet I have little issue with that since I wear hijab. It definitely didn't match my neck colour LOL. 

Wear time is normal. It doesn't move around my skin but it does transfer a little to my blotting paper especially on my nose. Hence I always powder my face every 4-5 hours. 

Wearing the foundation

Ain't it teeny tiny?!

Overall I recommend this foundation since its budget friendly and suitable for oily skin. I would really love to try another A'pieu product, do put some suggestion in the comment box below.

Take care! XOXO


Aqilah Azmi said...

wah thanksss <3 huhuhu
srs aaa suitable for oily face like mee? :( thanks!!!!!

gldnmnyeo said...

I always use shade natural beige in korean's bb. I want to buy that foudation but i dunno which shade. Can u help me to choose which shade that will suit with me?

Azwa Amanina said...

@gldnmnyeo The shade I own is a bit too yellow for my skintone. If you have fair skin, opt for the natural beige aka No 21 instead. Hope it helps :)

Nina Nash said...

Boleh saya tau ingredient ?

shhhh~~ said...

I love the moist creamy concealer :)

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