(Update) Etude House Precious Mineral Cover and Bright Fit BB Cream Review

Hello peeps!

My local Etude House store was having a Buy 1 Free 1 event so I ended up buying this BB cream (eventhough I have tons of them already) and the Curl and Fix Mascara. I have watched a video review by Jolse and it says this BB has a matte finish and I was hooked. 

This is probably the simplest concept Etude House has ever came with.
The tube is glossy and thin compared to its sisters. It has this ice princess vibe to it LOL.

It also came in 35g instead of the normal 50g product.

You get less product but seriously, how are you gonna finish THAT much of product anyway. 

Shade - W24 Honey Beige (Darkest shade available)

I actually like the pointed dispenser. It doesn't get too dirty while dispensing the product and it also dispense nicely according to my liking.

To be honest, this is like a fuss free and travel friendly BB cream.

I can tell someone have made an amazing effort with the packaging and presentation of the product.

The overall undertone is yellow with a hint of grey. 

This product claim to "smoothly glides onto skin with its Double Fitting Concealer Technology"

Quick translation; YOU DON'T NEED CONCEALER
True to some extent. I personally think its a fail on my dark circles but on my redness, it covers well. It does glide smoothly on my skin, doesn't tug on or anything but aren't all liquid foundation are?

Its not matte as advertised. I still find it quite dewy for my liking and a tad tacky before setting it with powder (I dislike tacky face). Its lightly scented, synthetic yet fresh. 

I have only tried it for once and I am ALLERGIC to it.
My face got so itchy when I was wearing this. The itchiness concentrates just right above my brows and few other spots on my face.

Its the weirdest thing.

When I removed it at the end of the day, I can see red spots on the itchy area probably due to me scratching it all day long. :(

I tried it yesterday and its actually a semi-matte finish. It is not tacky at all when applied in thin layer. 

I also did not experience any allergic reaction and it actually feels comfortable because it didn't feel heavy on the skin. Personally, now it seems like this one is the best compared to its sisters.

It can look a little bit greyish though, something all Korean BB cream tend to do on my skin.

Take care! XOXO

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