LA Girls Pro Concealer (Natural)

Hi y'all!

I'm back with another concealer review. Its from a brand called LA Girls. There are 18 shades available for concealing and 4 shades for color correct. I had a tough time choosing my shade because I had to rely 100% on online swatches and reviews.

My 2 main options are pure beige and natural. I chose the latter because some swatches indicate that pure beige will be darker than my skin tone. I bought this for RM20 (w/o postage)

This type of packaging is unique since it uses a squeeze tube. Occasionally I have to squeeze hard to dispense the product.

The applicator uses synthetic bristles. Its super soft but stiff at the touch. I haven't had any shedding yet. 

I've swatch the LA Girl pro concealer side by side with Maybelline fit me concealer in 10 Light.
It's a pretty close match except that Maybelline has more peach undertone.

It match my skin tone perfectly. If I were to highlight, I would choose Classic Ivory.

It didn't cover up my dark circles completely but did a good job at brightening my under eyes.

On first usage, I squeezed out too much and ended up putting a lot under my eyes. However I was pleasantly surprised that it blends smoothly and leave no cakey-ness. It also might be partially due to the beauty blender soaking up the excess product. 

It doesn't dry out or accentuate the lines my under eyes. But as any concealer, it must be set with powder. Usually I need to set my under eyes in a flash, otherwise it will CREASE in seconds. With this particular concealer, I can get away with a few minutes and I don't have to bake. Wonderful!

Through out the day, it starts to crease at 5-6 hours point. Bear in mind that I have extremely oily skin. Even my eyelids are oily. You would probably have longer wear time if you have dry or normal skin. 

I love this concealer! I would recommend this to any makeup beginner or beauty junkies out there.

Take care! XOXO

Oval Foundation Brush Review

Hi earthlings!

Today, I'm back with another review of the in-trend beauty product; oval foundation brush. 

Honestly, Korean companies are the first group whom popularize these type of brushes. Among the frequent brands used are Missha and Etude House. Then, Artiste came out with their giant oval brush and beauty gurus started to showcase it in their videos. Next thing we know the whole beauty community went cray cray over the trend and of course, someone gotta make a dupe aka knock off version of it,right? So here it is. 

I bought this for RM15 = USD 3.81. The size resembles a regular makeup brush but slightly shorter. It honestly look like a toothbrush lmao.

The bristles are dense (so dense it feels almost stiff) but it is supple for the skin (seriously,so soft guys). Since the tip is dark hence foundation/concealer stains are hardly seen. 

The outer perimeter of the bristles are not fully oval. Notice the odd shape at your left side. It does not deter the performance of the brush but it's worth mentioning.  

I feel like the handle will break if I use too much force because it is quite thin. 

Using the oval brush to apply foundation and concealer.

With foundation

Because its so dense and thick, its a teeny tiny difficult to maneuver when I'm blending my foundation. Sometimes I feel like it tugs my skin whenever I use this in "fast" motion. It does give an even application but it dramatically sheer out my foundation. 

With concealer (undereyes)

Again, it sheer out the coverage but I like the fact that it perfectly blend everything and leave my undereyes creaseless. It look so smooth and airbrushed. The downside is, the tip is not pointy enough hence its inflexible to distribute the product precisely. I find that the area right below my eyes are especially hard to reach.

Overall, not particularly in love with this trend. I'd rather use a flat top kabuki brush or beauty blender to apply my foundation. However it does give beautiful finish under the eyes. I have yet to try using it for contour. I'll give an update soon.

Take care! XOXO

Korean Style Makeup Tutorial (Youtube)

3 Looks with Morphe Brushes 35N Palette

Hi y'all!

Remember the 35N palette I hauled in this post? Today, I'm gonna share 3 different looks using this palette. I bought a DEFECT item hence why there's black spots on several eyeshadows and the black one at bottom right is cracked. But it didn't interfere with the quality of the product. 

35N is an all matte palette mainly consisting of neutral and brown eyeshadows.

Let's get into the actual post!


I've used the coral pinkish shade (3rd row, 1st column) on my entire lid. Coral is a timeless spring color and looks absolutely gorgeous on most skintone. 

Some coral colors have poor color pay off but this one by Morphe is ah-may-zing. I did wet my brush with the ELF Mist and Set Spray and the pay off became even better.

However it tend to fade off easily so I have to keep packing on the eyeshadow. I didn't experience this issue with the grey eyeshadow in my cool tone look. Maybe the fading is due to me wetting the shadow.  


This look is typically seen in KPOP. Its just a wash of brown eyeshadow all over the lid with smudged eyeliners. I took inspiration from the latest Oh My Girl MV "Liar Liar Liar"

This is the simplest look out of all 3 looks I've made. I did wear false lashes on the outer corner and I nearly fail LOL. 

Any type of brown eyeshadows works with this look. Koreans love their browns ;)


I wanted to do a look with the grey eyeshadow in the palette and this is what I've come up with. I took inspiration from KathleenLights of Youtube.

Coincidentally, I've recently purchased Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Chi which is described as "cool tone nude beige". I figure it would be perfect to pair up these two to match the theme. 

My face look a little washed out since the blush on my cheeks failed to show up on camera :( 

What do you think guys? Which looks do you like the most??

Take care! XOXO

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 10 Light

Hi earthlings!

I recently purchased one of the drugstore cult favorite concealer. This is unavailable in Malaysia and the only way to purchase it is online. I purchased mine through Carousell for RM30 (w/o postage). 

Initially, I have the hardest time to select the correct shade for my skin tone. I wanted to purchase the shade 20 Sand but after seeing the swatches comparison, I decided to go with 10 Light instead. Still it was a difficult decision because different swatches have different lighting. 

I was surprised to see such small doe foot applicator. I honestly think its kinda adorable LOL. I noticed that it doesn't pick up too much product in one dip. Which is a good thing because ain't nobody want a cakey undereyes.

The tools used.

A'pieu Air Fit Nude Foundation (No. 23) || Forever 21 Beauty Blender || Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Pact  (Click to read reviews) 

 A concealer review is not complete without a demo, right?

Foundation on, bare undereyes.

Concealer dotted on the orbital bone.

Upon application, I find that the shade is misleading. It is not as fair as I thought it would be. Its basically the same shade as my foundation.

Do not be fooled by the camera. The naked eyes will see a warm peach undertone while in the camera it looks like it has a yellow tone.

How it actually look like

Before powder.

Once blended, it must be set immediately with powder. It creases so fast and accentuates the lines under my eyes D: I barely have time to put down the sponge and it already settle in my undereyes line. On the other hand, it doesn't accentuate the dryness under my eyes due to its hydrating texture.

I have to bake my undereyes when using this. Otherwise it WILL crease.

After powder

Both applied.

It is incredibly similar to the Collection Lasting Concealer in 02 Cool Medium.
This is the main reason I choose the shade Light instead of Sand. Cool Medium is my perfect shade and it can never go wrong.

However the consistency is considerably different. The Maybelline Fit Me has a thinner texture and less peach-ier than the Collection concealer. But both of them are still in the same colour spectrum. 

Overall, I think its a lighweight, medium coverage concealer. Its great for an everyday use but it needs to be set properly to prevent creasing. :)

Take care! XOXO

ELF Cosmetics Matte Magic Mist and Set Review

Hola earthlings!

I've recently hauled this mist in my March haul post. I've heard mixed reviews about it yet I still want to try it for myself. Since this is my first makeup setting spray, I figure I would go low end first to see whether I can save some cash from it. I bought this fro RM18.

The mist comes in a 80mL spray bottle. The sleek and chic design really gives out the bad bitch vibe LOL. I was attracted by the word 'matte' and 'set' due to my oily complexion. I want something that can further mattify and control my oiliness through out the day.

Quite small and handy to toss inside my makeup pouch. It doesn't take up a lot of space plus the cap is secure. No leaking and such.

Firsrt off, the spray mist is awful. Its not fine enough to lightly dampen the face, instead I find myself almost feeling wet even after I sprayed it from an arm's length. The mist also takes longer time than the UD Setting Spray (I tried the tester, it vaporizes within 30-60 seconds).

The scent is pleasant. Its nothing chemical-y or synthetic. Unfortunately it didn't give me a matte finish, in fact it gives a dewy finish. Notice the glow on my face. Normally, without setting spray I wouldn't get shiny on my cheeks but looking in the mirror, I can see a subtle glow whenever light hits my face. It looks pretty but not my cup of tea.

It prolong my makeup wear. Usually when I remove my makeup by 5pm, there's barely nothing on the wipes. Meaning most of it had wear off. But its a different story when I use the mist. Fyi, I'm using the same foundation for 8hours ; Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation. The foundation is certainly not long lasting but paired with the mist, the wear time become exceptionally longer :O I'm impressed.

If you like dewy finish, prolong wear time and affordable makeup mist, go and buy this. :D

Take care! XOXO

Korean Cosmetics Online Store in Malaysia

Hi earthlings!

I've been a fan of Korean cosmetics for 4-5 years now. They are affordable, comes with appealing packaging and works wonderfully. I feel that the makeups are injected with innovation and continuous improvement. They make BB/CC cream and lip tint popular plus invented cushion foundation/blusher/eyeliner.

However, most of them are unavailable locally except for global brand such as Etude House, Nature Republic, The Faceshop, Innisfree, etc. Some of them are expensive especially Etude House due to import taxes :( 

Fortunately, I found 2 local websites that sell K-beauty cosmetics. Both have affordable shipping option and offer reasonable prices and promotions.

The store provide easy navigation to their products and there's a large selection of brand s available. They also sell popular items such as the April Skin Magic Cushion and Missha x Line collab items. Check them out guys!

Simple design with pops of color can never go wrong :)

I accidentally found this store when I was blog walking. They're operating from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah which is awesome (cause I'm Sabahan too lol). The major attraction of this site is that they sell beauty tools. They also offer affordable prices and you will get a RM15 off coupon upon first registration.

I personally haven't purchase anything from them because I iz broke T___T 

But feel free to share your experience in the comment if you have purchase from these sites. :)

Take care! XOXO

March 2016 Haul ; Morphe, Colourpop, Yubiso, etc

Hi earthlings!

I've bought a few things worth mentioning last month. They're mostly makeups with a few miscellaneous items. I have also found a new Daiso type of a shop called Yubiso Japan at Sunway Pyramid. Seriously that shop is dope! Everything is color coordinated and it triggers the OCD side of me hahaha. And their price is also affordable while carrying a variety of stuffs from cosmetics, selfie sticks to home care products.

I bought a pore brush and 3 dual ended markers. The pore brush was sold at RM10 while the markers are RM5 for 3. Such a steal right? So far the pore brush is doing an excellent job at cleansing my skin. The bristles are dense yet soft on the skin and produce a lot of foams. Its quite hard to reach the corner of my nose but considering its performance, I don't think its a concern at all.

The markers also works wonderfully. Its vivid and scentless. They have a big stash only for these markers and what's amazing is that each pen has a shade name. The markers I bought are 84 Pastel Violet, 101 Yellow Ochre and 22 French Vermillion.

Next is the Carousell haul. I have a Carousell account [HERE] where I sell my preloved cosmetics. Do check it if you're looking for cheap, aunthentic preloved makeup :) Carousell is an app where you can sell and buy preloved or new items such as cosmetics, furnitures and even books. It's the only shopping app I use.

Back to the haul.

I finally own a Morphe eyeshadow palette yayyyyyy. Everyone loves the 35O palette but I personally want the 35N instead. I love matte eyeshadows hence why I buy this. Most sellers are selling it for a staggering RM145-170. Luckily I found one that sells for only RM110 due to minor defects. I haven't try it yet though. It looks so pretty that I don't want to ruin it with brush or finger marks LOL.

Next is the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips that I reviewed HERE. This is a preloved item but it does come with a box which is a plus because its a good prop for review.

Last one is the E.L.F Matte Magic Mist and Set. This is also a preloved item and I bought this for RM18. This is my first face mist since I can't afford the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Anyhow I tried it once and true to most reviews, the mist comes out in large droplets that is prone to wet the face. I sprayed it from an almost arm's length and it still wet my face :O

These are from Daiso. I wanted to buy the sponge because its cheap and comes in a bulk. I figure it can be used to bake my undereyes or to apply foundation with. The wooden pinch is to clip the pictures on a string. But I still haven't print out the pictures yet. 

Last item is a journal from Typo. I've been wanting to write a journal since I have so many free time this semester. Pinterest is the major trigger for this purchase. I see so many awesome and artsy pictures of people scribbling and writing down on their journals. There's also tons of prompts and ideas for you to ponder and jot down in the journal. Thanks Pinterest :) This retails for RM17.50

That's it folks. I hope you enjoy my mini haul and I'll see you in the next blog post!

Take care! XOXO
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